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Ron Grainer was born on August 11th 1922 and he died on February 21, 1981. He was an Australian composer who mainly worked in the UK. He learned to play piano at age four by his mother. He received his teaching and performing diploma for piano at age 27. At University of Queens land he was taught harmony, counterpoint and composition from the classical musician Percy Brier. His first major and noticeable appearance was in the TV show Maigret in 1960. Since then he has worked many other shows and movies including Doctor Who. The show had it's 50th anniversary last year in November.

Show that started their career-Maigret (1960)

Top Films/Shows


Maigret, 1961 Ivor Novello Award Outstanding Composition for Film, TV or Radio

Steptoe and Son, 1962 Ivor Novello Award Outstanding Composition for Film, TV or Radio

Characteristics of soundtrack music

used in movies, video games, TV shows, etc

sometimes entire film dialogue tracks were issued on records.

Omega Man (basic plot, characters, setting)


Charlton Heston – Neville

Anthony Zerbe – Matthias

Paul Koslo – Dutch

Rosalind Cash – Lisa

Eric Laneuville – Richie

Plot line: In 1975, biological warfare between China and Russia kills most of the world's population, and people started getting infected with a mutation that turns eyes hair and skin white. U.S. Army Col. Robert Neville, M.D. is a scientist based in Los Angeles he begins to get the plague and he injects himself with an experimental vaccine, making himself immune. By 1977, Neville believes he is the plague's only immune survivor. He eventually finds some survivors that could get the mutation. However, he believes it may be possible to extend his immunity to others by creating a serum from his own body.

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The Omega Man

Ron Grainer's Score. THE OMEGA MAN

SHMRG chart of YouTube video

S-Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings

H-Strings, Percussion

M-Woodwinds, Brass

R-Moderate / slow

in 4 / in 4


2 themes

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