Monica Truax

Academic Career at Willamette University

Monica Truax

Monica Truax was an Honors Scholar at Oregon State University. She was a Cum Laude Graduate and a part of the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence during her student tenure at OSU. Monica Truax is dedicated to academic excellence, and is currently committed to the pursuit of an MBA from Willamette University. Monica Truax was a member of the National Honors Society at OSU, as well as a Target Marketing Scholar.

Monica Truax: Academically Minded

Monica Truax has always been a determined individual, a person who has consistently maintained her focus on her goals and someone who is always working diligently towards their completion. Currently a scholar at Willamette University, Monica Truax has proven herself to be a constantly driven, determined and motivated academic. She has always striven to push herself to higher levels of achievement, and has yet to meet a challenge that she couldn’t overcome.

Monica Truax is well-known as a dedicated academic, and has pushed for greatness ever since her days at Corvallis High School. As a member of the Corvallis High School Student Council, Monica Truax immersed herself in the institutional decision-making process, and provided valuable input and insight into the daily function and operation of her school. She obtained a leadership position early on in her high school career, and was elected to the Presidency of her Freshman Class. Monica Truax also committed herself to her studies, and achieved membership in the National Honors Society during her tenure.

Monica Truax transitioned her early academic successes into an accomplished college career at Oregon State University, earning two Bachelor degrees during her short OSU tenure. She was also accepted into the National Honor’s Society in college, and enjoyed the benefits of membership in the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

Monica Truax’s new goal is a Master of Business Administration degree, an accomplished that is well within her reach. She continues to carry on a tradition of academic excellence at Willamette, and promises to have a bright professional future ahead of her.

Monica Truax: The Benefits of a Willamette Education

Monica Truax is currently a student at Willamette University, and is well on her way to obtaining her Master’s of Business Administration degree. She appreciates the attention and the curriculum that the Willamette faculty provide, and is looking forward to applying her Willamette education to the establishment of a long and successful career.

Monica Truax, formerly an Honor’s Student at Oregon State University, touts several benefits of a Willamette education; one she hopes to provide her with the groundwork for decades of professional success.

As stated earlier, Willamette University provides students with an attentive and hands-on education. By providing lessons in a smaller and more personalized environment, says Monica Truax, Willamette professors are able to establish strong and more effective teacher-to-student relationships, bonds conducive to better retention and more effective lesson plans.

Monica Truax also appreciates the collaborative research environment that Willamette University continues to offer incoming students. Willamette, says Monica Truax, cares about providing students with the opportunity to work closely with both professors and with other students, and to participate in research programs that require the collaboration and input of the group, rather than just the individual.

Willamette, says Monica Truax, is strongly invested in the pursuit of academic excellence, and makes an effort to share its passion for higher learning with its students. Willamette, she says, aims to foster a diverse and intellectually-stimulating academic environment, one conducive to long-term student success.

Monica Truax believes that this high-quality institution is helping to prepare her for a meaningful life, not only in terms of professional achievement, but also in terms of civic responsibility and contribution.

Monica Truax Offers Several Tips to Maintain a Happy Family Life

Monica Truax works hard to maintain a happy home life. Through communication, enthusiasm and a well-maintained balance between her personal and professional life, Monica Truax strives to create a home environment that is conducive to both warmth and comfort.

By following several key principles, Monica Truax believes that any parent has the opportunity to provide the foundation for a strong and secure family relationship.

Eating Dinner Together. Monica Truax believes that family meals are a great way to strengthen family bonds and promote open and honest communication between family members. Family mealtime, she believes, can be a strong source of positive influence on the healthy emotional development of children, and efforts should be made to schedule regular family meals, at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Sharing Your Family’s Legacy. By providing your children with your family’s background and history, says Monica Truax, you have the opportunity to not only improve your children’s understanding of their past, but can also help to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Creating a family narrative, says Monica Truax, can help to provides your children with stronger perception and connection with their roots, and give them a good foundation for future success.

Take Stress Out of the Equation. Kids pick up on their parents’ emotions pretty well, says Monica Truax, making it important to not bury your stress, but to find ways to channel and reduce it outside of the home environment. Reducing your own personal stress, or at least the appearance of stress, can help to reduce the likelihood that your children will build off of those emotions.

Monica Truax: Excellence in Academics

Monica Truax continues to build a solid and highly- respectable academic resume, one that contains multiple academic achievements and accomplishments in both college and in high school. She is currently dedicating herself to the Master of Business Administration program at Willamette University. Monica Truax continues to add an already large list of academic accomplishment, one that promises to provide her with many opportunities in the business community.

Monica Truax got her academic career started at Corvallis High School, which is located in Oregon. She graduated from CHS in 2006. As an overachieving Corvallis High School academic and athlete, Monica Truax was a strong and enduring example of hard work, leadership and academic dedication to her fellow students. Monica Truax was an integral member of the Corvallis High Student Council, was made the President of her Freshman Class, and served in the capacity of CHS Peer Mediator during her student tenure. She was also selected for membership in the acclaimed National Honors Society. Monica graduated from CHS as the Senior Class Salutatorian. She earned this honor by accomplishing the second highest grade point average in her class.

Monica Truax then enrolled at Oregon State University, and quickly became a successful part of the Oregon State University population. As a 2011 OSU graduate, Monica Truax walked away from the university with two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Spanish. She was an OSU Honors Student at OSU and a valuable and honored member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

Monica Truax: Motivated, Driven and Determined

There is no question as to the level of Monica Truax’s determination. As a successful 26-year-old academic, Monica has proven, time and again, that she is motivated and driven to succeed in every aspect of her life. A successful academic career for Monica Truax should be just the first step in what could possibly be a long and prosperous business career.

Monica Truax has been a success in both high school and in college, quickly rising to the top of each institution’s student body. As a member of the National Honor’s Society at Corvallis High School and at Oregon State University, she continually demonstrated the drive necessary to be a consistent academic overachiever. Monica Truax has excelled as both an athlete and a scholar, and has held multiple leadership positions in the academic community.

Though her professional career is not yet extensive, Monica Truax has excelled in the professional positions that she has held. She was highly-qualified and skilled member of Target Distribution, serving as the company’s Executive Operational Group Leader from 2011 to 2013. Monica Truax performed the duties of this position with distinction as she simultaneously maintained her dedication to high academic pursuits. She had also previously been an Advising and Recruiting Assistant for Oregon State University, providing assistance and organization to multiple university advisors who helped to guide her fellow students to academic success.

Monica Truax is now a Master of Business Administration Candidate at Willamette University. As the recipient of the Atkinson MBA Merit Scholarship, Monica is well on her way to completing her educational career; one that should prove as a powerful foundation for an enduring career in business.

Monica Truax: Impressive and Enduring Academic Achievement

Monica Truax has constructed an impressive academic resume, one that includes multiple accomplishments and successes in both high school and in college. Currently working towards her Master of Business Administration degree at Willamette University, Monica Truax is continuing to build on her many previous successes, and promises to become a successful business professional.

Monica Truax began her academic career at Corvallis High School, which she graduated from in 2006. As a successful Corvallis athlete and academic, Monica Truax served as an example of leadership, hard work and determination to her fellow students. Monica Truax was a part of the Corvallis Student Council, was elected President of her Freshman Class, served as a CHS Peer Mediator and was selected to be a part of the National Honors Society. She graduated from Corvallis as Salutatorian, earning the second highest grade point average of her entire Senior class.

Monica then became a successful member of the Oregon State University student body. Graduating from OSU in 2011, Monica Truax successfully pursued and earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Spanish and the other in Marketing. She was an Honors Student at OSU as well, and became a valuable member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. She also served the student body as the Vice President of Alumni Relations and as an OSU Student Ambassador. Monica Truax exhibited strong leadership capability during her time at Oregon State; skills that promise to serve her well throughout her professional business career. In pursuit of her MBA, Monica continues to make the most of her academic and professional opportunities.

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Monica Truax is full of career ambition, and is intent on establishing a long and successful career in the field of business. Currently a student at Willamette University, Monica Truax is dedicated to her studies, and is well on her way to a MBA. Monica Truax has already established a successful student career at Oregon State University, earning membership in the National Honors Society and a place in the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.