Doing My Part to #FlattenTheCurve

Washington Post Says.....

Flatten the curve. If you haven't seen this COVID simulator from the Washington Post, take a look. It was really helpful in my household in explaining the importance of our family doing its part by putting ourselves on lockdown.


Check out these easy-to-use (and free) tools that teachers can use to record on-screen lessons with voiceovers and your sunshiny talking head if you want! Consider creating an explainer video so that students can hear your voice explaining your high expectations for each activity, or your explanation of a concept.

Tools to Use:




Be an internet STAR! You can become a celebrity teacher while still in the classroom. Make your video lessons memorable and unique to keep your students coming back for more. Don't like seeing yourself on screen? Consider using a sock puppet or avatar in your place.

Become a YouTuber!

How can you create and post instructional content for your students in a place where they are already looking? Create your own teacher-space in YouTube! Students spend a surprising amount of time watching YouTube videos. If you ask your students what they want to be when they grow up, you might hear some of them say that they want to be a YouTuber. Just a few short years ago, that job didn't even exist! Meet your students on their turf. Start your YouTube channel. Create exciting/funny/memorable or just plain easy-to-access content videos. You don't have to be a production expert or a performer. By simply making yourself available on that platform, you will have unlocked and achievement!
Creating a YouTube Channel
Legends of Learning is a game-based learning platform with over 2,000 games and simulations for middle school science, grouped by SOL standards. Legends of Learning employs original research to drive student performance using SOL-aligned games. (Middle School)
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Do you suddenly find yourself at home a lot? Do you have some extra time for self-guided learning? Why not learn more about Google for Education!
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Training videos delivered to your inbox each week to get you started using G Suite for Education

Getting Started with Google for Education is an 8-week training program that delivers bite-size training tutorials directly to your inbox. Each lesson takes less than 15 minutes to complete and provides basic training videos to get you started with G Suite for Education. (Google Teacher Center)

From the Liberate and Chill site: Liberate and Chill* is an online learning experience for educators seeking to grow and develop their understanding of antiracist and liberatory pedagogy in today’s world. A grassroots effort aimed to support leading antiracist educators experiencing great loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberate and Chill* experience offers six weeks of dynamic content, community dialogue, and resources to educators, activists, consultants, and writers.

Teacher Connections

Where are all of your teacher friends hanging out? TWITTER! After you have folded all of your laundry, darned all of the holes in your socks, learned to speak 2 more languages, and become master of the universe, feel free to join the rest of us mortals on Twitter as we exchange ideas about how to keep our kids and yours productively occupied as we do our part to #flattenthecurve. (See Grow Your PLN with Twitter Smore for more info.) Follow me @RPSITRT.

Disclaimer: I am an ITRT. I am not a health care professional. If you need emergency assistance, dial 911. If you need medical advice, call a doctor. I am posting the following to show you some of your options.

Did you know that free help is available? RPS pays for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to assist employees and their household members in getting help with some of a family's most private issues for free. These problems may include, but are not limited to: issues with family, alcohol, drugs, emotions, stress, work/life balance, legal or financial concerns. Visit the RPS Benefits page for details.

Here is a little bit about my personal experience: Telehealth is one option that is offered by Cigna. My family has been able to schedule time with a locally-based mental health professional for a virtual/telehealth appointment. What does this mean? It means that we will meet with a counselor from the comfort of our own home over a secure online platform through the internet. This works great for our specific situation because we can decide to move to face-to-face services once the spread of COVID gets under control, OR we can remain on the telehealth option. My family's first 4 sessions will also be FREE!

I also wish that I had known about some of the other telehealth options before I spent 2 hours and $50 on my last urgent care visit. For non-emergency situations, check out the Cigna website to see if telehealth is an option for you.