how do I become a MP

how do I become a MP

well first you have to graduate from school .

then you have to take special classes so you can learn what you have to do .

then you have to take shooting lessons .

you have to pay a lot just to take these classes just be an MP.

it is not easy to do this job it can me fun or it can me painful .

you have to have a pass port.

you have to know how to handle people on what they say or what they do.

after all of those classes are done they have to see if you are good to be on the team so they will have to test you on your skills and you have to be on time because you can afford to be late . because that shows that you don't want to be in the MP .

you have to take a lot of test and you have to get your gun license.

you have to go to boot camp before everything first so they can see what they have to do to make you stronger and so they can see were you are.

they want hard work people that will take good care of the world and that would do anything that will protect people.

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