Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class

Room 215

This week:

Happy Thursday! I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Quick Reminders:

-Please return pictures if you do not intend to buy them. Also return money if you would like to order. All of that info is included in the picture packet.

-No school this Friday! Also no school all of next week!! Happy Spring Break! :)

We will be sending home an optional Spring Break Homework Assignment. Students are not required to complete it but there will be a prize for those of them that do. Look for this on Thursday!

We took our first two State Assessment tests Monday and Tuesday. The kids worked SO hard and I was very proud of them!

We are running low on pencils. Apparently, we have been working so hard, we have gone through my stash and the ones the kids brought at the beginning of the year. If you can donate some to the class, we would very much appreciate it! :) Thanks!

Have a great week and thanks for everything!! :)