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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

SAMR MODEL - John Stewart

What is the SAMR Model and what does it look like in schools?

You have to move through the "S" to get to the "R"

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This is the reality, now.

Teachers need to be perpetual learners.

We need to model the traits we wish to see in our students.

Will Richardson - Again on PD

Here’s an idea for your next PD day around technology...

Step 1: Put up a wiki page with a list of interesting tools that teachers might use in the classroom, fairly complete descriptions of what the tool can do, and a few links to great examples of use in the classrooms. Ask teachers to read through the descriptions and sign up for the sessions that interest them. Schedule sessions in rooms with computers and internet access. Only run those sessions that have at least four people signed up for it.

Step 2: When people arrive in the rooms where the sessions are scheduled, write this on the board, whiteboard, smartboard, etc:


................................. OPTIONS for LEARNING .................................

Try some of the many options below (50 and counting!)

Something there is sure to meet your needs!

Note that not all links will work on an iPad - they will on a Dell (PC)

1. Create a PicCollage (iPad)

- Use iPad camera to take pictures (in class, school, or school yard)

- Make a themed collage (Colours, 2D or 3D Shapes, Signs of Spring, Dans la Salle de Classe etc...)

- Share finished collage to Camera Roll

- Students could screenshot their collage and send image to a Padlet

2. Create a Book in Book Creator (iPad)

- Add images, text, sound

- Learn how to change background images, text size

- Air Drop your book to someone

- Send your book to iBooks

- Download an example from:

3. Explore Green Screen Activities with the Do Ink app (iPad)

- Start here:

- Use the camera to take photos or video in front of the green screen

- The background image is the BOTTOM layer

- See Mrs Fuglestad (@fuglefun):

4. Explore Puffin Academy (iPad and PC)

If you have not explored Puffin yet, start here:

- Find and install flash-based activities

- Search and install:

Starfall, ABCYA, Room Recess. Mathies, PBS Kids, PHET, Spelling Classroom, King of Math, Raz Kids, Sheppard Software, Read Write Think, Teach Your Monster to Read, StudyLadder Canada, Math Buzz, Bitstrips .... and more!

5. Explore iPad Task Cards (iPad)

- See mine at:

- Mrs. Wideen's:

- Also:

- Create your own Task Cards! I used the Explain Everything app.

6. Explore Padlets (iPad and PC)


- Create a Padlet

- Link to it on the iPad using the URL, or its QR Code

- Send text, photos to the Padlet

- Customize the Padlet background

- Explore other Padlets

- Create a free account to save Padlets for future use

The MEGA Padlet:

7. Explore and Create a Kahoot (iPad and PC)

- At, sign up and explore Kahoots related to your grade, subject.

- Favourite someone else's Kahoot to be able to edit it.

- Try creating a Kahoot from scratch!

- Play a Kahoot (

- Add a link to your iPad's home screen.

- Have your students create a Kahoot to quiz their classmates.

9. Explore SMores - This is a SMore You're on Now! (PC)

-- Visit to create a free account

- See the Educator Hive for inspiration

- Educator Hive SMores can be "borrowed" and customized

- My SMores include:

Students (with sign up) could use SMore as presentation tool

10. Sign up for Twitter (PC and iPad)

- See George Couros' advice on Twitter:

- See

- Follow your school account

- Follow @DPCDSBSchools

- Follow @DP_Math

- Follow local teachers and groups - as well as educators internationally

- Involve students in interconnected experiences like @burp_it_on

- Follow me (!) @jmarquisdpcdsb

11. Explore Student Blogging (PC and iPad)

- Sign up for a free account

- Benefits of Blogging:

- See @MrsMorgado1 class blog:

- Use anonymous, standard names (See Morgado blog eg. Superstar Learner 1 etc...)

12. Create a Sway (& Have Students Also Create) - (PC and iPad)

- Students can access Sway through Office 365 or at

- Another kind of presentation tool

- Adding media content is easy

- Visit below, and open in a new tab to see the Sway

13. Create a Comic in Comic Life App (iPad)

- Open Comic Life

- If the app needs updating, please update it

- Explore the templates

- The "Super Retro Template" turns user photos into comics!

- Create a new comic from a template

- Explore how students could create:

  • a newspaper article
  • a certificate
  • a class "yearbook"
  • a science experiment explanation
  • a procedural writing activity
  • a graphic story


15. Explore MyBlueprint for K-6 (iPad and PC)

- Visit

- Watch the video tutorial in the My Blueprint page

- Student Username is: dpcdsb / Password is: OEN #

- See me logging in here:

- Login and explore. Click "Add a Picture" and then Upload file. Use iPad camera to take a photo

- Delete any cards you create while logged in as a student

- Ignore teacher login for now - until official roll out

16. Explore Student Websites for P/J Research (iPad and PC)


Consider creating and printing QR codes to allow students to easily visit any of these sites

Try "printing" a student worksheet from a PebbleGo site. The PDF will open on the iPad. Choose "Open In" and send to Explain Everything where the student will be able to add text and use the pen tool for drawing.

17. Install the Paper 53 App for Art (iPad)

- Explore the fabulous art tools

- See YouTube tutorials that you can also share with students

Art work can be Sent To the camera roll or shared to Book Creator!

Open Book Creator, create a New Book and check +, then Shared.

This concept of creating something in one app, then using it in another, is called App Smashing!

- 53 Cheat sheets:

18. Explore Adobe Voice (iPad)

- Students will need to sign in to Adobe Voice

- Every student has a Dufferin-Peel email address


- Share completed projects via clipboard

- This saves the project as a video. It also creates a sharing link, which needs to be pasted into Notes, or pages. The link can also be pasted into an email.

- The student - or teacher - needs to keep a record of this link.

- The link will allow the video to be played back on any computer.

19. Explore the Explain Everything App (iPad)

20. Explore Mindomo (PC and iPad)

Mindomo is a mind mapping tool

- Visit the OSAPAC website for info. on how to sign up with Mindomo as a teacher

Other useful links:

21. Create an Account With Nearpod (iPad and PC)

- Explore free lessons and add content to your library

- Explore the creation tools

22. Explore the Claro PDF App in the context of EQAO (iPad)

- Ensue that the Claro PDF app is installed

- Get a PDF EQAO test here:

- Open a text and "Open In" Claro PDF

- Explore Reading and Writing tools

23. Explore Hopscotch (Coding) (iPad and PC)

24. Explore Estimation Activities (PC, though Student Response on iPad)

- Explore & bookmark estimation websites:

- These type of activities can start a math lesson as a conversation starter/provocation.

- Students could use iPads to photograph and work with problems in Explain Everything

- Solutions can be shared to SMART board via PAdlet

25. Explore Power Point in a New Way (iPad and PC)

- Try a fun, fast-paced approach to presentations

- Pecha Kucha - or 20/20 presenting - is new and exciting

- Students present 20 slides, each slide lasts 20 seconds

- Emphasis is on the visual, and the presentation style - not the text

26. Sign up for Cloud Storage Options (PC and iPad)

- Consider creating a Gmail account for you as a teacher (

- Use those credentials to sign into Google Drive (

- Install the Drive app on the iPad and log in. Save items up to Drive or download items down to iPad

- Consider signing up for Dropbox (

- Use your new Gmail address to sign up

- Try the workflow with Dropbox on an iPad as well

27. FDK Teachers & DCEs could Explore my Handout (PC)

29. Explore Plickers (iPhone and Android)

- Download the Plickers app on your phone.

- Create a free teacher account

- Download and print the Plickers student response cards

30. Explore Office 365 (PC and iPad)

- Go to

- Sign in with your normal email username and login

- Consider opening the People icon and creating a class group

- Consider Creating a One Note Class Notebook

More here:

34. Explore Digital Citizenship (PC and iPad)

35. Explore Mindfulness Resources (PC and iPad)

36. Explore a DA iPad (iPad)

- The DA (Differing Abilities) iPad is designed for a student with additional needs

- It has apps with a focus on:

  • Cause & Effect
  • Early Literacy
  • Concept Building
  • Early Numeracy
  • Scheduling
  • Symbol support

- The DA iPad can me made available to a student via consultation with school SLP or Psychology professionals and the SEA process

- Spec Ed staff may want to explore the DA iPads to see if the app suite might be applicable to a student in their school

38. Explore Dynamic Manipulatives (iPad and PC)

Explore the triangles here: (Drag the vertices)

- What observations can you make?

- What is Always true? Sometimes true? Never true? For each triangle?

- Can you force any of the triangles to match any other?

- Are there any rules we can generalize together?

- Manipulative and ideas from @MFAnnie

39. Explore Clicker 6 Activities on the SMARTBoard (PC)

- Sign up at

- Download Clicker 6 activities to support:

  • Early numeracy
  • Early literacy
  • Holidays
  • Matching

- Activities can be saved to Rosters or USB key

40. Explore Flash (SWF) Sites via Google (PC)

- On the Dell open

- Use a search term from Math or Science or Social Studies units:

- Use SWF with the search (multiplication SWF)

- Explore the various Flash files that show up in the search results

- Drag useful flash web links into your Roster folder

41. Explore Online Coding Websites (iPad and PC)

- Explore coding at:

- Note that these websites can be set to use French as the language of use

- Also, Scratch:

Scratch Resources:




- Peel DSB Scratch Resources:

42. Primary Teachers - Set Up & Print QR Codes to Useful Sites

- Create and print out large QR Codes for:

- Tumblebooks:

- PebbleGo:

- Kiddle

- These can be laminated and set up on a bulletin board

43. Use ViewPure and Book Creator to set up Safe Videos (iPad)

- Open

- Find a video in YouTube and copy the address (URL)

- Paste address into ViewPure & purify

- Take a screenshot of the video

- Import that screenshot into Book Creator, hyperlink the image to the ViewPure address:

- See below:

- Repeat this process as often as needed. When the book is sent to iBooks, clicking on an image will launch that purified video.

- My example here (open in iBooks):

44. Create Better iMovies with Fillable PDF Templates (iPad)

- Explore the templates found here:

- These could even be printed to have students pre-plan their iMovie trailer.

45. Sign up with ReadWorks for Leveled Comprehension Texts (PC)

- Leveled texts are freely available here (with sign up):

- One example here:

46. Play Canadian Coin Bingo (iPad and PC)

- On your SMARTBoard computer go to:

- Open the file in SMART Notebook. Page 2 has the coin randomizer

- Students use iPads

- Ensure that the (SMART) Notebook app is installed

- Students also go to:

- They Download the game and open in SMART Notebook

- Students arrange their bingo cards randomly

- Bingo "chips" are pulled from the free centre of the card

- Canadian coins for Explain Everything app available here:

47. Spec Ed Staff set up an Account with AERO

- The AERO library allows school staff to download Kurzweil and PDF copies of curriculum texts and commonly used novels

- Staff register here under Advisor Registration:

- Once registered, student names also have to be entered before texts can be downloaded

48. Explore TextHelp Read&Write on your PC

- Read&Write is available on any Dell computer, under All Programs - TextHelp

- Instructional Videos are here:

- My handout is here:

- My handout will also allow you to install TextHelp Read&Write on a home PC.

49. Become SMARTer (PC)

- Explore the SMART Notebook activities in the school Rosters, Common Folder

- Any of these can be copied into your folder, used and/or modified

- Students can use these activities in the Lab

- If you have never done so, register for SMART Exchange here:

- More ideas and resources here:

- Online interactives here:

- Early primary activities for SMART on iPads here:

- Make sure (SMART) Notebook is installed on the iPad

50. Learn How to Get Transparent Images (iPad and PC)

- On the iPad, transparent images make working in Book Creator and Explain Everything better!

- Use Google (in Safari) to search for transparent images

- Every image in this Book Creator book is transparent:

- Students can bring transparent images into Explain Everything to use as math tools (like rulers, protractors)

51. Sign in to Chromebook

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Dell Chromebook Sign in protocol:


2. Password is email password (student ID for students)

3. The above steps are repeated

3. Dpcloud is

4. Students can explore Chrome extensions at

Explore Google Apps

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52. Open Google Docs and explore Voice Typing - no microphone necessary! (Chromebook)

Joseph Marquis

iSert - Assistive Technology

Supporting Students with Differing Abilities

Dufferin-Peel CDSB