Imovie is

1. A tool used for making movies for presentations at school.

2. Its has a option that lets you video tape for a movie so you are in it.

3. They have formats for people to use already so its simple.


1. It also has formats like Imovie.

2. Itrailer is inside of Imovie the app.

3. Itrailer is allot like Imovie.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck has slides like a presentation and you can find pictures on the app for backgrounds.

2. Its awesome because you can do it for persuading or for presenting facts.

3. you can have as many slides as you want on it.

Explain Everything

1. Explain Everything lets you tape your voice when you are writing or drawing.

2. Explain Everything has one problem as soon as you save it you cant go back in to change anything.

3. Explain Everything is good for doing presentations in the form of a video.

Go Animate

1. Go Animate lets you make your own videos to do for projects it has lots of settings and people so you can do anything you want.

2. Go Animate you can make people say things and make them move.

3. Go Animate lets you have tons of props and they can move too.