Dancing from the heart!

Dance like nobody's watching!

By Cassidy Brydell

Starting from the bottom

In dancing there are five major positions. First poistion (put left heel next to right heel and aim outward ,diagoinal). Second position (Spread feet a few more inches apart). Third positon (Put right heel in front of left toes and countinue to aim diagonal out). Fourth position (Move foot a little farther away from toes). Fifth position (put left heel in the middle of right foot on the inside). These steps are VERY important since they are in every move. Dance is built around these positions,leaps,jumps, and turns. Always point toes! It is a major thing in dance. It makes dancing seem more graceful and look more pretty. Always keep belly button to spine two! And dont forget to stretch before dancing every time. These basic things are what a dancer needs.
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This is a picture of Swan Lake,a very gracefull,beautiful and famous dance.

The hall of fame

One very famous dance is Swan Lake.Swan Lake was created by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky. It is a beautiful dance that has been turned to movies,plays ,ect . Another famous dance is the Nut Cracker. It was created during the time around christmas ( that's why its called Nut Cracker), It was also created by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky. The Nut Cracker is just as famous as Swan Lake, besides famous dances,there are famous dancers too. Jack Cole for example is know as the " the father of jazz dance",he began as a modern dancer. Switching to jazz style dance during the Great Depression, he was the first dancer to formalize a theatrical jazz dance technique.He lived through 1911-1974. Another famous dancer is Misty Copeland,who was the first african american dancer to be promoted to principal at American Ballet Theater. All of these people have worked hard to get to get to were they are now.

How to start

There are many different types of dance,a few types of dance are lyrical,jazz,ballet and hip pop and tap . Some basic things needed are shoes and clothes . For lyrical the shoes are almost like sandals ,except it only goes around the ball of the toes (they are like this so it is easier to spin). For lyric most of time people usually were anything that is tight . Jazz shoes, are all black (or tan) and cover your whole foot. For jazz most people wear leggings,or sweat pants and wear a t-shirt. For ballet,the shoes are all pink and cover the whole foot, most people wear a leotard and small shorts over the bottom ( or tights ). For hip pop anything is fine . And for tap,anything is fine just u have to wear tap shoes.

Keeping it Fit

Dance is a great way to stay active! Most people don't want to dance every day and believe that it really doesn't work. But it does, " dance keeps u active, I would rather stay in shape and do something I love,then just sitting behind a desk all day" says Mrs. Kelly (my dance teacher) . Many businesses are starting to create new ways to work out. Many of them are dancing. Most people consider dancing hard. But it isn't,as long as they try their best,they will reach there goal. Dancing is a great thing, most people don't even realize that they are having fun,doing something they love, and staying fit! Dance has so many great things about it, and people dont even know that so many great things come in one way!
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