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This week, students in the Language Science class were trained on two (2) different programs to assist them with their reading! They were so excited to listen to and/or follow along with the reader through the program(s). The benefit of having both is that either one can assist your child/student with reading. These programs are offered to students who have dyslexia, an IEP or 504 reading and/or visual impairment, and/or students who are blind. The students were trained to use both; however, they can select the program which they feel more comfortable with.

With Bookshare, I can add books to the Reading List and the students can access them. All they have to do is tell me, their classroom teacher, or parent that they are interested in reading a certain book, and I will add the book to the list.

With Learning Ally, the students and I can go into the system and add their own books which they want to read. They are both exciting and beneficial. Now your student or child, can have access to unlimited books to read.

For both programs, your child's/student's username is their first and last initial, followed by their ID#. Their password is their ID#.

Example: Username: MS7777777 Password: 7777777

Oh, did I mention that there are also some Texas adopted text books available!

I must stress this again, both of these programs are only available to students who have dyslexia, blindness, and an IEP or 504 for a reading/visual disability. I am so excited that my students are not just getting assistance, but that it is now accessible to them! They now can have their favorite and/or assigned books read to them via computer, I-Pad, or phone using either Bookshare or Learning Ally!

Please read the presentation to find out more details about both programs, view the videos below, and contact me if you have any questions!

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My second group of students listening/reading a book of their choice using Learning Ally!

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