Green-Winged Teal Ducks


Green-Winged Teals are know as the smallest of the North American ducks. They have a short neck and small bill. They are known to breed in shallow permanent ponds near boreal forests that have an abundance of emergent vegetation. Females on average lay 8-9 eggs. They tend to migrate towards the Mississippi central flyways. They mainly feed on seeds of sedges, smart weeds, pond weeds, grasses, aquatic insects, mollusks, etc.


Usually 14.7" long and 0.7lbs they have a brown head with a green to purple patch that extends from their eyes to the nape of their necks. They have a pinkish brown chest with black speckles. Their backs are a gray and their wings are a brownish-gray with a green speculum. The males are known for their distinctive call.


Usually 14" long and 0.6lbs. They are molted brown with a dark brown line that extends from the bill through the eye. Their bills are dark gray along with their legs and feet. They are relatively quiet.

Green-winged Teal


In some cases severe weather will trigger large amounts of ducks to migrate at one time. This would be called a grand passage. Most ducks fly at speeds of between 40 and 60 mph with most averaging around 50 mph. While migrating most ducks hit altitudes between 200 and 4,000 feet but can go much higher. Birds use different visual and nonvisual cues to help them navigate. They use different things such as the sun, polarized light, the stars, and landmarks.