Digital Citizenship

By: Kareem Touni

This Flyer is about the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship.

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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is basically the use to have the use to use technology and to go on the internet, so it's just if you have the ability to use the internet.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is like having proper behavior at the dinner table, the only different thing is that you are now following simple rules online. A way you can use proper Digital Etiquette is following Digital Laws. Respect others and keep your privacy.


Digital Laws are laws in the digital world that are similar to laws in the everyday life, but there are laws in the digital world that prohibits some things that are not good for you and to keep you safe.

Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities are the rights to be free on the internet, but you have to be able to have integrity and be responsible. You still need to do this in all of a right and acceptable way.


Digital Commerce is buying or shopping online. When your online, there are many scammers and fakes. A picture could trick you and it could be different from what you wanted because you can't see the item in person. Therefore, while buying or shopping you should be careful.


Digital Communication is the way of communication through digital networking. When you communicate through this remember that everything gets recorded even though you may delete it.

Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness is being safe online and being careful. It is also making sure your physical self is healthy. Staring at a screen for too long can affect your eyes, brain, body, etc., in a negative way.


Digital Access allows for full participation in a technological society. In terms of education, this means that technology should be equally available for all students at all schools no matter who and where they are, or their economic status.


Security is In any society, there are individuals who steal, deface, or disrupt other people. The same is true for the digital community.