Sick of this Population?

Gillyweed, Sparta or another Dimension?


  • Tired of living on land with too many people?
  • Gillyweed gives you Gills, and the ability to breathe underwater. Ditch the land and live underwater instead!
  • Atlantis might just be a whole new chapter.

Go to the Parallel Universe with the Doctor!

  • Why stay stuck on Earth when you could go to the Parallel Universe, Raxacoricofallapatorius, Asgrad, or Gallifrey?
  • Live in peace, away from the madness on Earth!
  • The Tardis could help you get where you want to go. Away from the insane population.
Madness? This is SPARTA!

Madness? This is SPARTA.

  • Is Earth too much madness? If people drive you crazy, Just throw them into wells, and follow the method of Sparta.
  • Collect their tears, and sell them to make profit.

TEARS : Are expensive, collect the tears from the people in the wells, and make profit?