Jack's Trip to Footlocker

Algebraic Word Problems

2 Step Equation

Jack bought a couple of the latest Nike Air Jordan shoes. He spent $600 on a couple pairs of basketball shoes for $150 dollars each, plus a coupon for $20 off. How many pairs of shoes did Jack buy?

2 Step Inequality

Jack had a budget of $275. He bought 2 pairs of KDs for the same price. Jack also had a coupon for $15 off of the price. How much money did Jack spend at Footlocker?
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Combing Like-Terms

Sebastian bought 1 pair of LeBrons for $250, and Jack bought 2 pairs of KDs for a little less than $250, but both KDs were the same price. The total cost of the shoes is $650. How much was one of Jack's KDs?

Variables on Both Sides

Jack bought 3 pairs of Kobe's, and had a coupon for 8$ off. Joey bought a pair of Hyperdunks for the same price as 1 of Jack's Kobe's, 5 pairs of Elite socks for $12, and 6 shirts for $18 each. If both prices are equal, what is the price of one pair of shoes?

Why I Chose Footlocker

I chose Footlocker because it is my favorite store. I enjoy looking and comparing the latest shoes, and Footlocker is one of the stores that I can do so in.