North America Natives

Natives From North America By: Antavis johnson

Natives Of North America

Adena was one of the most people in Eastern Woodlands.They grew plants like squash and barley.They use to own jewelry & fine pottery.Most of all they come from Ohio Valley around the 700 bc. Anasazi is a group of people who build dams, ditches, & canals. They had a massive complex of 1000 people, but Pueblo Bonito built roads for trading networks.Their was a group of Hopi & Zuni, both of them are still here today.

3 different Groups

  1. Many of them used routes to help with trades
  2. They used many tools to help out with hunting and carving
  3. There were different groups in one culture

Things They Needed Most Of The Time

Mostly Anasazi

Although Anasazi had many routes they used them for a reason. The routes help out with trading centers which led them of getting more things to have as a collections or use as a tool.

Antavis Johnson

Tuesday, May 7th 2013 at 3pm

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