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Winding Down the Fall Rowing Season

As we wrap up our fall season, it is time to reflect, relax and renew. Our strong team spirit has held us together during the pandemic, and post pandemic transformation which we are still in. Importantly, our team spirit has brought us together again for some fantastic rowing this past summer and fall. In addition, on September 14th, we were able to offer a Taste of Rowing Open House night to potential new rowers which was a great success. (Photos below)

We look forward to planning our winter season when we will plan indoor training sessions and activities to keep our minds and bodies fit together. Schedule announcements will be made in our upcoming newsletters and website, so stay tuned!

Last Chance This Year to Update Your Sports Wardrobe

Don't wait! Do it now! This is the last chance for this year to update your sports wardrobe with some great Naiades Oncology Rowing Sportswear as modeled by two of our rowers Andrea Mower (left) and Ann Link (right). We are offering our customized clothing line again. There are multiple options for you to choose from including racer tanks. In addition, you can still color customize tee shirts for your particular type of cancer affiliation. These are GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS! All of our customized items can be found here:

Orders for all of these items will need to be submitted by Saturday October 16, 2021 at midnight. (Please note the cut off time.) Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from the time the website closes. Don't Forget to Order!

Meet One of Our Coxswains - Cam Tran

What is a coxswain? They are each boat's conduit between the rowers and the coach. They are the voice of coordination; they guide the rhythm and power of the boat; they make tactical judgements for the obstacles in the way; and importantly they encourage and reassure their crew. They are the voice of calm and knowledge combined. Cam Tran is one of those great voices. Born in Rochester, Cam started rowing when she was a Freshman at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. In the winter of that same year, Cam began coxing and has continued to do so ever since. Cam has been coxing with Naiades Oncology Rowing and Genesee Waterways Center (GWC) for eight years. When Cam is not coxing, she works at Maximus, Inc. in the IT Department and is working on her black belt in Karate. Cam also finds time to be a Member of the Board and a tour guide for The Friends of Mount Hope. Such a busy lady! We are grateful to have you on our team!

Naiades has been very fortunate to have some wonderful coxswain guides during the summer and fall rowing seasons this year. In the newsletters to come, we will continue to introduce you to more of our coxswains.

Fond Farewell to Judy Belle-Isle

Not only has Judy Belle-Isle has been a dedicated member of Naiades Oncology Rowing for the last ten years; Judy has served on the Naiades Oncology Rowing Executive Board; served as our Program Committee Chair; served as our Scheduler for our on the water sessions and acted as our Webpage Master and Social Media Editor. Judy has done the work of a village; and has been an excellent resource on almost all of our committees at the same time!. Turning the page, Judy is beginning her journey into the next chapter of her life by relocating South to be near her family. Judy, we are forever grateful for all that you have done for Naiades Oncology Rowing; and thank you for your dedication to Naiades Oncology Rowing. You will be greatly missed.

This Month's Quote to Live By

from Hugh Laurie Actor, Author, Rower:

"Winning a rowing race is not like winning anything else. Here's my theory: you're facing you're looking at the people you are beating and there's something exquisite about that."

How to Add More Tribute Names:

If you want to consider adding a loved ones name to our newest boat -- DRAGONFLY. Our Spirit Fund is accepting names of survivors, those who are in treatment, and those who a loved one wants to be remembered with every stroke our crew takes. Our application form with instruction is found here:

Browse Our Naiades Oncology Rowing Website & Facebook Page for Current and Future Information!

Learning to row is hard work, yet a rewarding and FUN sport! Take a look at our info below:

Why Come Row with Us??? because we are about:

  • Offering programs that appeal to individuals with all levels of rowing experience.
  • Rowing with others who have faced the challenges of cancer.
  • Having coaches who understand the uniqueness of our team and coach to our mission/goals.
  • Your setting and accomplishing your own personal and team goals.
  • Promoting an amazing and healing environment, leaving cancer behind one stroke at a time.
  • Getting involved in Regattas as a fun way to work together to get to the finish line demonstrating progress in recovery.
  • Offering accommodations for many post-treatment limitations.
  • The water is magical, healing and enchanting, releasing your mind to a bigger purpose within nature.

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