A walk through Berlin offices

The controversial spraying on the black market, however there are at dumping prices. A woman from Georgia had searched the internet for someone who gives her the injections. She then went to the home of interior designer in Mississippi, and paid $ 1,500 for spraying. 2012 she died of a pulmonary embolism. reviewlity The testimony of an investigator is gruesome: The silicone buttocks were so full that it is "everywhere" splashed at the autopsy.

The longing of men for the perfect body - More and more men go to cosmetic surgeons. But what drives them like? And what exactly they have to change in you?

A walk through Berlin offices, after all human standards Matthias tower looks good.

He has packed in jeans, a faded red shirt and yellow sneakers its sporty body. Confident he sees his opponent in the eye while speaking. Occasionally emphasize the manicured hands over his stubble, which is not evidence of negligence, but another fashion statement. No, this man does not act as if he had recently left the 40 behind http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/

Tower like the feeling to look younger than he is but he also knows very well that his appearance is not genuine, earlier this year, he settled on the belly; suck at the breast and under the chin fat. The self-employed laid before surgery emphasis on a healthy diet and exercise, so lack of discipline was not the reason.