The Orion/Mandarin Gazette

May 18-May 22

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School Spirit Every Week

This week show your school spirit any day of the week by taking a picture or drawing a picture of yourself or someone in your home reading!!!

We are also getting reading for Memorial Day on Monday, May 25. Draw a flag of your Multi cultural country and the US flag side by side. Dress in red, white and blue on Monday and send me a picture!! No classes on May 25.

If you want take a picture and send to Principal Katherine to post in the newsletter next week at

Coffee with Principal Katherine

I will be hosting a Zoom Principal Coffee May 22 at 9:15am.

I hope to share more about the District and School Plan for next year.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 8851 6224
Password: 1UGgCu


Students Personal Items and Library Books Drop of Schedule

Dates and Times to pick up student personal items from the classroom for grades k-5:

Tuesday, May 19. 9am-1:00pm

Wednesday, May 20 9:00am-1:00

Staff will be on site in the parking lot behind the cafeteria to hand out personal items that teachers have placed in individual plastic bags.

All items after May 20 will be donated or discarded. Lost and found sweaters and jackets will remain on site until the Fall.

Library Book Return Times and Dates:

May 19 9-1

May 20 9-3

May 26 9-3

May 29 9-3

Staff will be on site in the parking lot behind the cafeteria.

Popsickle Stick Crafts

S.T.E.A.M. and Making Projects from Maker Instructor Nienke Levin

Each week Nienke will teach us how to design a project at home using common items many people have at home.

She has created her own channel to keep us making and designing.

PE+ K-5 Distance Learning - Week 6 - Orion

Starship PTO

Starship Corner Zoom Meeting

This week's Starship PTO meeting will be Thursday 5/21 at 7pm. The focus of the meeting will be to discuss leadership opportunities and structure of the PTO for the coming year. Every parent, teacher and staff member is a part of Starship and it is essential that Starship represent both programs and the entire community. In order to ensure that Starship meets the needs of the whole school, the leadership team and all essential committees should include parents from each program. The role of president and other key positions will be shared roles. There are lots of places for parents to get involved and it is exciting to explore the opportunities to come together in these uncertain times to support the campus. A huge thank you to everyone for continuing to stay connected during this time.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 843 8185 8290

Password: 7swGG0

Introducing the New Community Building Team - The Bridge Team

The purpose of The Bridge Team is to help facilitate and support building community as one school, Orion Alternative. Orion is home to two unique programs, Orion Alternative Parent Participation and Mandarin Immersion with students and parents from different perspectives and experiences. The content of this work includes a group of parents from our different programs working with Principal Katherine and an external facilitator, Seeds of Change.

We are reviewing the results of the community survey and analysis in preparation for a larger community Zoom event. The Bridge Team are committed to uniting our community as a school while understanding and appreciating the unique characteristics of each program.