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April 2019 Newsletter

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Southwest Kansas Regional Science Fair

29 students competed in the Regional Science Fair at Seward County Community College on Saturday, March 2nd. Fowler performed very well with the following students placing in their categories and/or qualifying for state competition:

Division I Materials Science: Gold- Hannah Masri
Division II Energy: Silver- Samanta Granados, Shaylin Garcia, and Ethan Boese
Division II Microbiology: Bronze- Ryleigh Foster, Jacelyn Huelskamp, and Joselyn Romesburg
Division III Animal Science: Silver- Micah McDowell, Dray Dawson, and Maxine Thomas
Division III Animal Science: Bronze- Evelyn Prieto and Lillian Littlewood
Division III Health Science: Silver- Kate Cunningham and Aiden Barrera
Division III Chemistry: Silver- Eddy Mendoza and Desmond Thomas
Division III Engineering: Silver- Landon Bollinger
Division III Engineering: Bronze- Saul Mendoza and Colt Dizmang

Division I State Qualifiers: Hannah Masri

Division II State Qualifiers: Ryleigh Foster, Jacelyn Huelskamp, & Joselyn Romesburg

Division III State Qualifiers: Micah McDowell, Dray Dawson, Maxine Thomas, Kate Cunningham, Aiden Barrera, Eddy Mendoza, Desmond Thomas, Landon Bollinger, Saul Mendoza, Colt Dizmang, Jacob McNemer, & Dakota Martin

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Kansas State Science & Engineering Fair

13 students represented Fowler at the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair at Cessna Activity Center in Wichita, Kansas on Friday, March 29. The Goldbugs had overwhelming success with 6 projects placing in their categories at the state level.

Division I (9th-12th Grade)

Hannah Masri, Silver

Division II (6th-8th Grade)

Jacelyn Huelskamp, Ryleigh Foster, & Joselyn Romesburg, Participation

Division III (4th-5th Grade)

Micah McDowell & Dray Dawson, Gold

Colt Dizmang & Saul Bailon-Mendoza, Silver

Kate Cunningham & Aiden Barrera, Bronze

Landon Bollinger, Bronze

Desmond Thomas & Eddy Mendoza, Bronze

In addition, Micah McDowell and Dray Dawson took 2nd place overall in Division III, earning a trophy and $200 prize for their project, Bunny Vision.

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SPIAA League Math Contest

Fowler hosted the SPIAA League Math Contest on Wednesday, March 27th. About 45 students competed within each grade level. The following students were selected to represent Fowler in the competition:

4th Grade: Jayden Renfro, Silas Brown, & Saul Bailon-Mendoza

5th Grade: Lillian Littlewood, Landon Bollinger, & Eddy Mendoza

6th Grade: Alex Zortman, Danny McLachlan, & Jayden Bartlett

7th Grade: Abby Zortman, Jimmy Bower-Fink, & James Littlewood

8th Grade: Ryleigh Foster, Joselyn Romesburg, & Ethan Boese

The top 10 places in each category were awarded medals. Congratulations to the following Goldbugs:

4th Grade Mental Math: Silas Brown, 2nd Place

4th Grade Geometry: Saul Bailon-Mendoza, 10th Place & Silas Brown, 8th Place

4th Grade Problem Solving: Silas Brown, 2nd Place

6th Grade Geometry: Alex Zortman, 2nd Place

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Kansas State Assessments

Students will be completing state assessments according to the schedule below. We appreciate parent support in ensuring students get adequate sleep and arrive on time for school to ensure they are able to perform at their best.

Monday, April 1

8th Grade: Science

Tuesday, April 2

3rd Grade & 4th Grade: Language Arts & Math

5th Grade: Language Arts, Math, & Science

9th Grade: Accuplacer

10th Grade: Language Arts & Math

11th Grade: ACT & Science

Wednesday, April 3

3rd Grade & 4th Grade: Language Arts & Math

5th Grade: Language Arts, Math, & Science

6th Grade, 7th Grade, & 8th Grade: Language Arts & Math


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School in Session on April 4th & 5th

School is in session for 6th-12th grade students who are not attending the Denver field trip on both Thursday, April 4th and Friday, April 5th. (Elementary schedule is not affected. PK-5 do not have school on Friday, April 5th.)

IPS Meetings

Mandatory Individual Plan of Study meetings for current 6th-11th graders will be scheduled for Monday, April 15 and Thursday, April 18. The IPS meeting will be led by your student's mentor with required participation from the student and at least one parent/guardian. Conversation will center around your student's long and short-term goals, academic progress and course credits, and pre-enrollment for next year's classes. All students are required to complete an IPS meeting with their parent and mentor prior to enrolling in school next year. Participation at this time provides a simplified enrollment experience in the fall.

Self-Directed Learning

To best prepare our students for their future, our school adopted personalized learning as a pillar of our redesign. You may notice that we talk about personalized learning often, but you may also ask yourself, “What does it really mean?” To answer that, take a look at this latest Blog post from our friends at Summit Learning. It describes why schools choose personalized learning, and what that means for our students.

Personalized learning here at Fowler means deeper relationships between students and teachers through mentoring, students master skills through projects, and students understand how they learn best through self-direction. In our school, students are guided by their teachers and mentor through a learning cycle that teaches them how to learn. They develop the ability to set goals, select strategies to achieve those goals, put their plan into action, and reflect on their progress. You can likely think of a time in your life where you use this process weekly or even daily to succeed in your career. By teaching self-direction, we are preparing our students to have skills that will be invaluable to them as adults.

As a parent, you can help your child work on self-direction. Ask them what goals they have set this week or what skills they are focused on developing. Together, we can help our students develop the skills they need to be successful. The photos below show students receiving one-on-one support through math and physics workshops offered during self-directed learning time, as well as one-on-one mentoring.

3rd Quarter Reward Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following students who met the reward criteria for the 3rd Quarter:

Middle School: Ryleigh Foster, Jacelyn Huelskamp, Abby Zortman, Alex Zortman

High School: Alejandro Arenillas, Avery Bollinger, Hannah Masri, Jahim Ross, Patty Anurat, Sydney Bollinger, Caleb Heinz, Jurney Bird, Savannah Bollinger, Logen Kernell, Alexa Snook

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New Books for MS/HS

Ms. Heinz and several middle school students processed the new books our school received through a $450 grant from the Fowler Legacy Foundation. The students were eager to get their hands on these new titles. Adding new books based on student requests in order to keep our shelves stocked with reading material that is relevant to our students has been a priority at FHS over the past 2 years. A big thank you to the Legacy for the grant funds that helped us achieve this goal.
Aspire 4 Higher Calendar

April 2019 Aspire 4 Higher Calendar

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

During the month of April, students will be learning about Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw. This habit teaches students the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health. Leaders take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. They spend quality time with their friends and family members, and they are lifelong learners. Leaders also take time to help others. By living a healthy lifestyle, students are better able to apply the other habits on a daily basis.

Wildly Important Goal Progress

The elementary students overcame a slow start to the 3rd quarter and successfully met their 3rd quarter Wildly Important Goal. They celebrated with a Mystery Party planned by the Lighthouse Leadership Council. Students worked in teams to solve the Cookie Conundrum by rescuing the Girl Scout cookie recipe that had been stolen. The council recently decided that if the student body meets the 4th quarter WIG, they will have a water party. We appreciate parent support in ensuring students are reading for 20 minutes, 4 nights per week or attending Aspire or Rise & Read to do their reading.
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Senior Capstone Project Week 2019

Congratulations to senior, Emie Carillo, and her team for winning the Project Week competition! From left to right, team members were Jarred Hart, Dominic Vang, Jerry Vang, Darrien De La Torre, Emie Carillo, Alejandro Arenillas, and Felipe Granados. Emie will recieve a $500 PBL scholarship and her team members received a pizza party. The following article, written by Emie, was one component of her team's community service project targeted at encouraging students to attend Fowler Schools. They also developed a school Instagram page, so you can now follow USD 225 on Instagram!

At Fowler Schools, we not only focus on what’s important to us, but we also focus on what’s important to the students. We believe in the success of every student and every staff member.

Fowler Schools is a place where we focus on the future. We hardly use formalized textbooks - which people might disagree with - but what we use is the Summit Learning Program on Chromebooks, into which book learning is embedded. This program is very helpful not only to the students but to the teachers as well. It tells the students what courses they should complete, the problems that need to be solved, and tells the students if they have passed the course or if they have flunked the course. For the teachers, Summit is a tool that shows what precise skills the student struggles with, what skills in which the student excels, and supports 1-1 mentoring meetings with students in order to encourage and help the students set goals.

This program is fully developed and takes stress off of the students and teachers while still challenging them to become more active participants within their educational careers. Fowler students rarely receive homework due to our emphasis on in-class practice time. Not all people like change. That’s understandable; with this program, it makes change easy and simple. Along with this curricular change, Fowler JR/SR HS has implemented an Individual Plan of Study. This allows each student to create their own schedule that fits their future goals - if students plan on studying welding, they get a custom schedule based around preparation for these welding courses. If a student plans on becoming a nurse, students have immediate access to outside courses through Dodge City Community College. This IPS system also makes it easier for kids coming from other schools to adapt to this school and not have any trouble with credits. Fowler Schools believes in the success of each student and with this program, I believe we will succeed for a very long time.

This school believes in creating leaders, hard workers, problem solvers, and creative minds. This is where our PBL course and Internships come into play. PBL stands for project-based learning: it’s a class in which the student thinks of something that deals with their hobby or future job and they create a project based on these interests. The PBL course is helpful because it teaches students the necessary skills to get the job they want, the mentality for that job, and what college classes are needed to go further with that career. It’s also useful because it shows students how to be responsible, how to become a leader in a workplace environment and face problems that adults in the workforce typically have to overcome. Along with our PBL course is a mandatory internship, which is similarly designed to help students enter the workforce or college for example: if the student is going to college for journalism, he or she can work during the school day at a local newspaper in order to gain experience in a real-life journalism situation (and sometimes these internships can become actual jobs!)

Fowler is a school where teachers actually care about the students’ well-being. I believe that this school is taking off in the right direction, and I hope that other students and schools are willing to follow in our steps. Fowler is the future!

by Emie Carillo

For more information on the options and details related to the Senior Capstone Project Week, read the following article by Savannah Bollinger, Meade County News intern.

Senior Capstone PBL

Student news article by Savannah Bollinger

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