By: Alex Smith P3

Christianity All Wrapped Up

Followers of Christianity are called Christians.The Sabbath day is Sunday.The Christians belief in three beings ,the father, son , and holy spirit.The union of these three beings is known as the Holt Trinity. Christians belief that god the son is Jesus known to his followers as Jesus Christ. Baptism is the use of water to mark a persons entry into the Christian church. A Holy Communion is were you take bread and wine because of what Jesus said,"Bread is my body and wine is my blood."Jesus told Christians to practice this in rememberence of him. The place of worship for Christians is called the church. The worship leader is called the minister, preacher, or priests. The holy book is called a bible. Special holidays are Christmas, the day Jesus was born, and Easter, the day he rose from the dead. The holy city or place is Jerusalem. A common figure between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is Abraham. They also belief in one god which is monotheism.

Alex Smith Period 3 ,Subject: World Coultures Teacher: Mr.Babbs