Digital Footprint

By: Edward Franco

What is a Digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is a trace or "footprints" that people leave behind on the internet, such as forum registration, e-mail and attachments, uploading videos and pictures.

Why is it important to have a positive Digital Footprint?

It is important to have a positive Digital Footprint because it increases your chances of being hired and being seen as a positive member of your community.

My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint consists of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I use Facebook for communicating with friends and family. Also for looking at humorous pictures to have a good laugh when I need one. I use Twitter to share Tweets and keep up with some of my favorite YouTubers. LinkedIn I use to look for jobs that might be good for my future that suit me.

What impact can my Digital Footprint have on my future?

The impact it will have on my future is harmful because I share inappropriate pictures and videos that will most likely not get me hired at a serious job.

What can I do to continue to improve your online identity?

I can post and share more positive content. I can also delete inappropriate posts and pictures that can harm my Digital Footprint.

What is the most important thing you've learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint

The most important thing I learned this semester is that anything you post appropriate or inappropriate can affect your future positively or negatively.


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