Me and my hobbies...

My name is Iida and I am 14-year-old girl.


My name is Iida. I am 14-year-old girl. My birthday is 29th march. I live in Tyrnävä, northern Finland. Tyrnävä is village near Oulu. I have brown hair and eyes.

My family

I have sister, three brothers and parents. I am the first child in my family. I have so lovely grandparents. My family like sports. We jogg together.

My hobbies

I play floorball and I go running. Our team name is OLPS. I like to listen music. I play the piano. I teach piano playing for the youngsters.

I travel

I love traveling. I often visit London. I like speak english. I lived spain when I was little. I can speak english, little bit russian and swedish. I have friends all over the world. London is my favourite city.