Daniel's Story

Carol Matas


14 year old Daniel, and his family are on a train to Auschwitz. He brought some pictures with him from his old life. Finally they arrive at Auschwitz, Daniel and his father get separated from his mother and sister. Daniel and his father are pushing their way through his want to live. Daniel is reunited with his love, Rosa. Something happens to His sister Erika and his mother as Daniel and his father get on a train, and get sent to Buchenwald, and experience thing no one would want to ever experience. Daniel gets on a train one more time, sitting in a seat going to meet Rosa at his old apartment in Lodz.


I think the theme is don't ever doubt your life. I think that is the theme because Daniel was just hoping the while time that he would survive. He saw many people suffer and die, but he remained strong. Daniel was scared and terrified, but he was also very brave.


The author used historical information and facts to write this book because, she wrote this book for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Carol Matas probably did a lot of researching about Daniel, his family, his life and many other things to write this book. She wrote the book as if she Daniel as he was going through all of the hard stuff he went through.