LPMHS Newsletter

Vol. 8 , Issue 4; September 25, 2020

School Closing Schedule

Monday, October 12th- Columbus Day

Wednesday, November 11th- Veterans Day

7:33 a.m. Start Time

Reminder to students, school starts at 7:33 a.m. If you are using the cafeteria entrance you must be there by 7:33 a.m.

After that time you will need to use the Ramp Entrance on Cummings Road.

Olympic Oval Use

Parents, please do not drive on the Olympic Oval for drop off and pick up. If you choose to drop your child off using this entrance, please drop them off curbside on Main Street. We want to ensure the safety of students and staff that are on the oval.

We ask that ONLY the students and faculty planning on parking their cars drive onto the oval.

Reminder to students, if you are leaving during the day for lunches or arriving back from BOCES, DO NOT park on the Oval! You must park in the Student Parking Lot.

Remote Instruction

We would like to provide guidelines for our remote instruction and absences.

1. If your child is demonstrating any COVID symptoms that require either a school-directed or parent-initiated COVID test, they will be granted access as a remote student. After you have spoken to Nurse Cora or a principal, your child can log in remotely while awaiting their test results. Your student will not be marked absent as long as they remote in for their classes.

2. For those who have spoken to one of the building principals about their child participating in remote instruction, the parent and principal will continue to monitor their progress on a two-week cycle. If your child is unable to attend their classes remotely for any part of the day, please contact the main office at (518)523-2474, ext 4001, as attendance is still maintained for remote students.

3. If your child is out of school for any other reason (ie; doctor appointment, trips or mental health days, etc), your child will be marked absent for the day. It is up to the discretion of the individual teacher if they will allow the student to remote in. However, it will still be counted as an absence for the day. Students will be allowed to make up the work that they missed which can be found in google classroom.

If you are in need of more clarification or have any further questions, please feel free to call the office. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

COVID-19 Protocol

If your child is sent home from school with any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, per NYSDOH guidelines, nurse Cora Clark at the MHS will send them home with a copy of the two forms pictured below. One is for you to use as a reference in regards to the particular symptom your child has and what the protocol is that will need to be followed. The second is a letter that can be given to your health care provider informing them of the COVID-19 protocol that must be followed to allow your child to return to school. If you have any questions about either of these forms please contact our district superintendent, Dr. Roger Catania.
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Open House

Due to COVID-19, the Open House has been canceled. If you would like to speak to your child's teacher, please contact them via email. Email addresses are - First initial of the teacher's first name and their last name followed by @lakeplacidcsd.net.

Chilly Weather!

Now that it's officially starting to feel like fall, please bring a sweatshirt or lightweight coat to school with you. Some of your classes may be held outside and you will want to be warm while you are in class.

Fall Sports

Fall sports have begun!

Reminder, if you are picking up your athlete from the Oval, please do so curbside on Main Street. We ask that you not drive onto the oval to ensure the safety of everyone that is on the oval.

COVID 19 Reminders

  • Masks must be worn while at school by all students, teachers, and staff. Bandanna's and neck gators are not adequate face coverings.
  • Social Distancing is required. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet is required at all times.
  • Frequent Handwashing is required.

Parents and Visitors-Please Remain Outside

As part of our COVID safety plan, we are requesting that all parents and visitors remain outside. If you do need to come to school, please call (518)523-2474 and dial extension 4001 or 4003 and we will come out to assist you.

If you need to drop something off for your child, please buzz (the buzzer should be installed by next week) or call and let us know you are at the door and we will meet you.

Rear Main Entrance is Closed

Our rear main entrance is currently closed due to ongoing construction. Please refrain from entering that area. Our ramp is open and if you need assistance, please call (518)523-2474 for help.

Pysch Notes by Dr. MIller

Anger: A positive emotion?

We often label emotions as either positive or negative. Emotions that feel good (happiness, satisfaction, awe, etc.) get a positive label. Emotions that don’t feel good (anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.) get a negative label. Emotions are not positive or negative. Emotions carry a message and we need to pay attention to them. What message is anger trying to tell us? Well, anger is complicated, but when we become angry it may be because we perceive that we have been treated unjustly, or maybe our goals have been blocked. Anger may be a message that we need to take action to stand up for ourselves in some way, or maybe take action on an injustice. The problem is that anger can easily override our thinking, rational brain. If we react to anger with aggression, either verbal or physical, then it will work against us in modern society. If we can learn to pause and allow our thinking, rational brain to come back online, then we can plan a constructive response to anger. When we respond rather than react, our anger becomes a positive motivator and can be a tremendous force for good. This is easier said than done, but it starts by accepting anger and then trying to understand the causes behind it. Sometimes we just need to take a few deep breathes and let the anger go, like if somebody accidentally cuts you off in traffic. There are some situations, however, to which we really need to respond. In those situations, anger can give us the motivation to make things better for ourselves or those around us. So practice using your anger for good. It can be your hidden superpower.

For more information check out this TedTalk:


Free Meals for ALL Students Through October 30th!

All public school students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch through October 30th regardless of parental income. Now is a great time for everyone to check out our great meals and find a few new favorites!

Grab and Go Breakfasts- Our food service staff will have "Grab and Go" breakfasts available at each entrance every morning. Students will be able to grab their breakfast choice and proceed to their 1st-period class.

Volunteer Opportunities

40 hours!!!!! Just a reminder that all students must have 40 hours of community service to graduate. Keep checking back for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Ecumenical Food Collection Days: On Saturday, October, 17th from 9am-12pm in the St. Agnes parking lot. See below for more information.

Please see Mrs. McConvey for more volunteer opportunities and don't forget to fill out and hand in those volunteer forms!!!

Ecumenical Food Bank Information

  • Several of the Lake Placid community service organizations have joined together to host monthly Ecumenical Food Bank Food Drives for the foreseeable future.
  • Volunteers from the organizations will be on available at the St. Agnes Church parking lot to receive food donations.
  • The 2nd Saturday between 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and the 3rd Thursday between 5:00 - 7:00 pm.
  • More information can be found in the Lake Placid Insider and the organizations' web sites and Facebook pages. They include the Adirondack Community Church, Lake Placid School District, Lake Placid Synagogue, Lions Club, Rotary Club, and St. Agnes Parish.
  • If you would like to join the effort please contact the Lake Placid Rotary Club via their web site or rotarylp.volunteer@gmail.com
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Board of Education Meeting Dates 2020-21

The LPCSD Board of Education meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Board Room of the District Office unless otherwise noted.

Board meetings have been and will continue to be streamed live. Executive Order 202.1 – Article 7 of the Public Officers Law allows for the school board to meet without permitting in public in-person access to meetings. As such, any comments slated for the Good of the Cause can be emailed to lpdistrictclerk@lpcsd.org. Emails will be read during the portion of the Good of the Cause.

Our Board meetings are streamed live at http://www.lpcsd.org/ Click on “live stream”

Upcoming meeting dates are as follows:

October 6th

October 20th

November 3rd

November 17th


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