2015 year in review

By Saad Imran

Best brands

1- I think Nike really marketed themselves really well because millions of people bought their clothing and accessories. Also they have their brand everywhere. They have Nike in sporting events, in stores, and different countries. Nike has one great strategy, they use commercials to get their brand out. In Nike commercials they bring in athletes or celebrities to advertise Nike.

2- I think Apple also marketed themselves really well. Apple is a company where electronics are sold. I think Apple did really well because they would bring out out new products. some products they made are Apple TV, Apple watch, New tablets,and new cell phones. Also Apple has stores across America.

3- The last brand that I think had a great impact in 2015 is Coke. Coke is sold across the world. Coke is so powerful in branding because they way they advertise in it. If you never noticed but on the back of a coke can there is usually a coupon for Six flags. Coke also does many commercials, commercials are great because it gets the your brand out there.

Best and worst brands

1-In my opinion the two best inventions in 2015 was the hover board and the housing system that welcomes the homeless. I think the hover board was so great because a lot of people are lazy so they can just transport faster on that. And the housing for the homeless is good because the homeless cant afford anything so the house keeps them safe and their health as well.

2- The worst invention in 2015 I think is the eclectic unicycle. First of all they just copied the hover board and also its nearly impossible to actually ride it.

Best movies

1- Star wars because there was a lot of hype about it and also they were advertised everywhere, such as shopping stores, stores, food, and even commercials. I watched the movie and it was great.

2- Furious 7 because it was a great movie and it a lot of action in it. Furious 7 also hit 147.1 million for record breaking opening weekend at theaters.

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Best musicians of 2015

1-Drake because he make 35.9 million a year. Drake is also one of the most poupular artist in the world. Also he produces music almost every month.

2- Dr dre because he make so much money off his headphones.Dr dre makes 3.2 billion a year. He is also a rapper so he make money off that

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Top 10 NBA players of 2015

1-Stephen Curry

2-LeBron James

3-Anthony Davis

4-James Harden

5-Russell Westbrook

New Years Resolution

1- I want to get better grades and pay attention more. Also i want to get into the all A honor roll.

2- I want to spend more time with my family, also i want to help my mom out more around the house,

3- I want to get to school on time, also i want to explore the other countries as well.