Meadow Brook Magic

Week 5: Sept 17-Sept 28th

Mrs. Christiansen's Teaches Mrs. Funes's Class About Fossils

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Mustang Monday Message

Mustang Parents & Students,

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I will keep this weeks message short in hopes that everyone will read all of the information below:).

Thanks for being so great to work with!

Miss Balli


* Tuesday, Sept 25th: Fire Drill, 5th grade field tip to the power plant, 6:00 Nebo Bond Community Presentation at Maple Mountain High School (all are welcome to attend)

* Wednesday, Sept 26th: Vision Screening

* Friday, Sept 28th: Mustang Stampede 2:45 (Meadow Brook Spirit Day...students are invited to wear their cowboy boots and hats to school!)

* Monday, Oct 1st: Reflections Due

* Tuesday, Oct 2nd: School Community Council Meeting at 11:30-12:30

* Wednesday, Oct 3rd: 6:00 Nebo Bond Community Presentation at Springville High School (all are welcome to attend)

* Thursday, Oct 4th: 6th Grade Field Trip

First Meadow Brook Stampede Friday @2:45

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Monthly Mustang Stampedes

Once a month, students-of-the-month will be chosen by their teachers to participate in our Mustang Stampede. On these school spirit days, ALL students are welcome to wear cowboy/girl hats & boots. We are in the process of making stick horses for students-of-the-month to gallop through the halls and are looking for some volunteers to help make them on Friday. Please click the link below, if you are willing to come help...thank you!!
Volunteer Here!

We desperately need help making stick-horses. If you are available, click here to sign up. Thank you, thank you!

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Box Tops Collections

Box Tops collections are going to work the same this year as last. Please review these instructions as a reminder. You have about a month to bring in unexpired Box Tops and unexpired Bonus Box Tops for our first collection competition. Thanks for all your help in earning money for Meadow Brook!

  • First deadline (for our first competition with prizes to follow in late October/early November): Monday October 15, 2018
  • Each classroom grade teacher will have a labeled 9x12 envelope for the purpose of collecting box tops/bonus box tops. The office will also have a collection envelope.
  • Expiration date and product code have to be visible for the box top/bonus box top to be usable.
  • Bring box tops/bonus box tops whenever you have them! We will have a contest of which class and/or grade brings in the most, but we'll keep a
    running total, so no need to save up the box tops until a certain deadline.
  • After the October 15th deadline, DO NOT BRING box tops or bonus box tops with expiration dates of 11/1/18 (or earlier).
  • Any unexpired box tops/bonus box tops brought after October 15th will count towards the next competition.

Currently we do not have collection sheets to hand out to each student like we did last year, but you are more than welcome to use the sheets if you still have access to them from last year.

Meadow Brook's Safe Walking/Biking Route

Click here to make sure your student knows where he/she can safely cross the street.

We have had a few concerned parents express concern about the safety of students walking/biking home. They are concerned that when students are getting off school boundaries, they are not using crosswalks. One parent in particular, was very shaken up because she said she had almost hit two students that cut right in front of her vehicle. We will talk with the students at school about using crosswalks and would ask all of you to ensure your student knows where he/she should be crossing the street. I have attached Meadow Brook's Safe Walking/Biking Route above.

Last week's adventures...

Principal Mustang Club Winners

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After a week of inside recess, students were pumped to get outside.

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