How to Install Windows 7 on MacBook

By: Kyle Rodriguez

1.Back up all important files.

Backing up important files in case they get deleted. Backing up files should be part of your maintenance plan anyways. You can use the Time Machine in System Preferences to back up files.

2.Insert the windows installation disc.

Insert the Installation disc into the disc drive.You’ll need a non-Enterprise, 64-bit copy of Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7 for this. Make sure to have a flash drive or USB with a copy of the current drivers.

3. Open BootCamp on Mac.

After booting up the MacBook with the installation disc inside. You will want to open the Utilities folder, then under Applications select Boot Camp Assistant.

7. Setting up Windows

After the partition occurs, the MacBook will shutdown and restart as Windows.When prompted to do a upgrade or custom installation, select custom After the user agreements have been agreed to, you will see a screen with the different partitions on it. Highlight the partition with BOOTCAMP in all capital letters. Then click on Drive options (advanced) and select the Format option and select "Yes". Follow the instructions on the next pages. Windows will restart after finalizing settings.

8. Installing Drivers

After Windows is installed, you need to install drivers to make sure all hardware is working properly, such as sound systems, the display, and network adapters. First, eject the installation disc. Next, insert the flash drive containing the driver files into the MacBook.

Click the Windows icon, than Computer than click twice on the flash drive icon to open it. Than, open the BootCamp folder than click twice on setup.exe to start the installation. Do not cancel any Installations

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Preventative Maintenance Plan

A good preventative maintenance plan is to constantly update anti virus software to get the latest virus list. Also make sure to defragment your hard drive to improve performance by keeping your hard drive less cluttered. To access the defragmenter, Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Also be sure to physically clean the computers fan every several months.