Weekly Update

Ms. Mai's Class

Week 2 Reflections

Our classroom was buzzing with excitement when each student partnered up with a 4th grade student and read a book together. The kiddos are anxious to see their 4th grade buddies again!

Also, flexible seating has been fully implemented in our class. The students went through extensive training and know how to choose a spot that is comfortable and allows them to do their best work. They are excited and are taking the privilege very seriously.

It's amazing how much the students have accomplished in such a short amount of time!

Until next time,

Ms. Mai



Mon. 9/19 (Digital Day 5) - P.E./Media *library books due*

Tue. 9/20 (Digital Day 1) - P.E./Music

Wed. 9/21 (Digital Day 2) - Art

Thu. 9/22 (Digital Day 3) - Technology

Fri. 9/23 (Digital Day 4) - P.E./Music

Upcoming Events

9/19/16 Scholastic Book Orders Due

9/20/16 Health Screening (We still need volunteers!)

9/27/16 Picture Day

Language Arts

The students are continuing to practice all of the Daily 5 rotations: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing. The students also learned how to pick "Good-Fit" books and went book shopping in our classroom library.


What did we work on this week?

  • Skip counted by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  • Represented tally marks using craft sticks
  • Created individual number racks (rekenreks)
  • Quickly recognized how many objects in a collection

Math Links:

Family Orientation Letter

Support for Families

District Information for Bridges in Mathematics

Watch this video so you have a better understanding of our new math curriculum:

Why is Math Different Now


We launched our 6-week health unit on Monday using the Second Step curriculum. Check out what the children learned from Puppy and Snail this week:

Monday - Lesson 1: Listen to Learn

Tuesday - Lesson 2: Focusing Attention

Wednesday - Lesson 3: Following Directions

Thursday - Lesson 4: Self-Talk for Learning

Friday - Lesson 5: Being Assertive

While the home links sent home this week were optional, I highly encourage you to sit down with your child to complete some or all of the activities. They reinforce the skills for academic and social success that we are teaching and practicing in school.

Book orders are due on Monday 9/19/16!

Don't forget to enter the Class Activation Code: H9Z4P for free shipping directly to Birchview. Click on the button below to place your order.

Want additional reading practice at home?

To access, click on the button below.

Username: bvfirst

Password: (student's last name)

Coming Soon!

Students spent the week practicing how to use the digital portfolio app, Seesaw, on their iPads. Students will use the app to document their work for you to see! Look for the flyer that has your child's unique QR code next week in your child's green folder. The flyer will provide directions on how to access your child's work through your smart phone, iPad, tablet, or computer.

Please email me if you need assistance in setting up this app. I'm always willing to stay after school!

Homework (Green Folder)

Homework Guidelines

  1. After completing homework, your child should place the homework assignment back in the green folder to be returned the following school day.
  2. You may wish to keep the monthly specialist schedule in your child's green folder.
  3. Any notes or forms for me that need to be turned in should also be placed inside the green folder.
  4. All other papers (flyers, notes to families, corrected work, etc) should be taken out and kept at home.
  5. If your child forgets their homework assignment at home, please do not make a special trip to school to turn it in for them. It's part of the learning process and part of internalizing responsibility. Let's allow them to make mistakes and to then learn from them.

Health Screening Volunteers

Please consider volunteering for our school-wide health screening. We still have several time slots open. Training will be provided. Signing up is quick and easy!