Is Facebook making you mean?

We don't relies what we did, tell its done...

He/she can hurt or kill themselves because of getting bullied on Facebook or anything else on the internet.

  • There are 5 reasons people kill themselves; 1. Depression 2. psychotic 3. Impulsive 4. Crying for help and don’t know how else to take it. 4. Philosophical desire to die. 5. They've made a mistake.

  • Approximately 160,000 kids stay home because of bullying.

  • There are 2 out of 9 kids that successfully commit suicide.

  • (Interesting fact) People are killing themselves just to see if they will become famous!)

Online communication is making kids mean, immodest, rude, and insensitive...

  • In cyber world you can hear the comments being said in the wrong way.
  • Facebook decreases our self-control, and we often say things that we wouldn't say in real life.
  • Cyber-bullying can get so bad that he/she can hurt themselves or worse.

Bullying on Facebook will make other people mean by just reading it!

  • At the University of Virginia they found out that 58% of people have been bullied online.
  • 53% of people are being mean online.
  • Facebook can influence you to write mean things because your not face-to-face with them to see their reaction.


Amanda Todd was teased and threaten. She tried to kill her self many times but failed. On October 10, 6:00 P.M. she hung herself all because of the bullying got so bad that she wouldn't stop trying to kill her self tell she successfully killed herself.. R.I.P Amanda Todd!