~ Setting up a Home network ~

  • wired home networking means that where you use the internet it is limited, however it is faster then any other way.
  • wireless works with out any cables. this means that you can use the internet anywhere around your home.


Bandwidth measures how much data you can move in a given period of time, but not necessarily how fast it moves.


because without latency information you get to your computer will be slow, this will cause delays when receiving data


  • Protocol – a set of rules that computers use to communicate with one another
  • •VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol e.g. Skype allows communication over the Internet involving voice and multimedia exchange. Requires phone line, computer and webcam.
  • •POP – Post Office Protocol. Used for email retrieval such as Gmail and Yahoo.
  • •IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol. Used for email retrieval.
  • •SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. For sending messages. POP or IMAP used for receiving and retrieval.
  • •HTTP/S - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Often used for secure payments and transactions.