Ms. Danielle Preschool Highlights

Week of May 16th - 20th

Early Dismissal at 11:15 am on Friday, May 27th

Field Day 2022

Pre-K has been invited to attend JC Field Day on Friday, May 27th!

Our class color and mascot are the White Dinosaurs (A.K.A the White Dino's)

Please provide your child a white short sleeve shirt by Tuesday, May 24th. The children are going to decorate their shirts with fabric markers and fabric paint for team spirit!

We will be outside on the large field. Please pack...

  • A water bottle
  • Apply sun screen
  • A hat
  • Wear sneakers and socks
  • Extra clothes (there are water games)
  • Hand towel/ extra small towel
  • Extra snacks

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Dinosaurs Fossils

Our friend Alex is a dinosaur fossil collector. He was kind to share with the class the fossils he has collected. The children had the opportunity to hold different fossils. Some of the fossils were real dinosaur teeth, part of a dinosaur rib and spine. The classroom favorite fossil was fossilize dinosaur poop! While we were examining the dinosaur fossils we were noticing what fossils looked the same or different. Following the CT ELDS of logic and reasoning to discover the attributes of similarities and differences. As well, following the CT ELDS in scientific inquiry the children were discovering how the Earth's effects how fossils were kept underground.

The children also played a shorting game where they had to place the dinosaur either under carnivorous or herbivores. These vocabulary words are hard to say however, we know the mean of these words. Some dinosaurs ate meat and others ate leaves. We also discovered that only a few dinosaurs ate both. They were called omnivorous.

Dates to Remember - May

May 2nd - 6th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 13th - Grandparents Day at 8:30-10:30

May 27th - No School - Professional Development Day for Teachers and FIELD DAY!

May 30th - No School - Memorial Day

Month of May Birthday's - Ms. Alsu (9th)

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Dinosaur Art Project - Hatching Baby Dinos!

Trip to the Gym

We are kicking off our Morning Movers. Each day we are getting to go to the gym to burn off some energy before we start our busy preschool day! Mr. O'Brien has been introducing to us all different types of gym equipment and fun games we can do each day. So far, riding the scooters have been our favorite part! It might look easy but using their core muscles and large motor to swing their bodies left to right and ride in the correct direction is very tricky!

Trip to the Music Room

We had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Champion our music teacher! She sang with us and let us shake our shakers to the beat of a song. She showed us all the fun musical instruments she plays and sings with.

Social Emotional Learning

This week we focus on following directions. Practice and repetition are necessary for children to remember and use the skills taught in this program. This week children learn to follow directions by practicing listening, attention, and self-talk skills.

  • Listening and following directions help you learn.
  • Repeating directions helps you remember them.

Click the button that says "Home Link" below to practice some strategies at home!

A look-see into our classroom!

Julian Curtiss Lunch Menu

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Classroom Supplies

When needed, I will share any classroom supplies that we need. We try very hard to keep the classroom clean and disinfected.

  • Paper Towels
  • Tissues
  • Baby Wipes
  • Defecting Wipes /Spray
  • Utensils (spoons and forks)
  • Small and Large Paper Plates
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Zip Lock Bags (different sizes)
  • Adult Size Gloves

Ms. Danielle Szanto

Preschool Classroom Teacher at Julian Curtiss Elementary School. Paraprofessionals in the classroom is Ms. Cathy and Ms. Alsu.

Feel free to contact me on Class Dojo!