Nicklaus Children's Midtown Outpatient Center

Job discription

In this job I will be a physician that helps diagnose, treat, and prevent children's disease and injuries. I will also examine children regularly to asses their growth and development.


  • $175,000 a year

Contact information

Local: 786-624-6000


3100 SW 62nd Ave, Miami, FL 33155

I will be working and living in Miami, Florida

25◦ 45'42.05" N 80◦ 11'30.44" W

Cost of living

It would cost $1,150 a month or $18,600 a year to live in Miami and when you add the cost of food and gas and living expenses at about $7,000 a month, yearly the total comes to $112,536 and I will be making more than enough money to survive in this city.

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