My Experience With E Cigarette

E Cigarette

V2 cigs My Best Friend

It is been near about a year since I switched over electronic cigarette. After my first trial of this product, I had never turned toward tobacco cigarettes ever again. During my school age, I was engaged in smoking addiction and as time passed my addiction grew more and more. When I was 21, I got married with a lovely person, Sam. Ever after getting married, I did not change my smoking habit. After 2 year of my marriage, I gave birth to a sweet baby. I was very happy with my sweet family but my smoking habit was still there with me. One day, my daughter told me with her sweet voice,” Mom if you keep smoking you are gonna die. I love you so much and cannot live without you.” I was shocked with the wording of my 10 year little baby.

After that day, I was looking for various alternatives that are available in the market. Smoking sensation pills, chewing gum etc are the alternatives that others were prescribed to me. But I did not found any product most effective. And one day, my cousin told me about the newly designed cheap electronic cigarettes brand cigarettes that work as an alternative of cigarettes. This innovatively designed cigarette is known as Electronic Cigarettes. After using these devices, I had never turned over the tobacco. Now, I am a great fan of V2 cigs electronic cigarette and I tried almost all the flavors and kits offered by this brand.

By April 2012, I had completely stopped smoking. At starting I was confused about where to buy quality e cigarettes. After reading the electronic cigarette reviews on, I found that V2 cigs is offering free shipping option to the customers. With the free shipping option offered by best electronic cigarette brands, it is quite easy for customers to buy electronic cigarettes of V2 cigs brand. I never would have thought that I would have made switch from tobacco cigarettes this far but I did. And as my personal experience I think all credit goes v2 cigs starter kits. I just want to say that those who want to control their habit of smoking heavily, electronic cigarettes proves to be a best option for them as there is no issue of side effects as other sensation pills. I think, people, who really want to live happy life free from the obsession of tobacco, electronic cigarettes proves to be a best alternative for them.