¿Does This Make My Head Look Big ?

By: Randall Abdel-Fattah

About the Arthur

Randall Abdel-FattahRanda Abdel-Fattah was born in Sydney Australia June 6th of 1976.Randa was born as a Muslim of Palestinian and Austrian heritage. Randa showed herlove for books when she wrote her first one in the sixth grade, well not really it was a copy cat of Matilda by her favorite Aurthor Roald Dahl. Randa has now "managed to find her own voice". Randa realized that there were not any books about muslims that arent about terrorist, childbrides and any other common steryotypes of muslims, and wanted to break that so she wrote the book about Amal Does This Make My Head Look Big in this on August 8,2005.


About the book

Does This Make My Head Look Big In This? is about a teenage girl who is Austrian Muslim Palestian and goes to highschool. Amal the main character decides to wear the Hijab (a form of a head scarf) full time rather then part time or no time at all. This book walks you through all of her adventures and challenges/struggles she faces through out the year and people judging her on what she looks like. Randa tells that most of this book is based on her actual life because she is Austrian Muslim Palestine just like Amal in the book.

Relatable to teens.

This book Is relatable to teens because of how Amal was bullied.Most teens or even anyone at some point in there life wether it is at school or even out of school get bullied.Getting bullied is a huge problem in our society, there are teenages cutting them selfs and committing sucicide because of this. I think teens know about people getting bullied but dont acknolge it because they dont want to be called a "snitch" or a "baby", but to me you are the real baby if you dont tell someone if someone is getting bullied.

Dynamic Characters:

  • Amal Mohamed Nasrullah Abdel-Hakim: Amal is the main caracter a 16 year old austrian palestion muslim girl, She is bullied By Tia because she decides to take on the full time Hijab.
  • Tia Tamos: Tia is the school Bully.
  • Claire Foster and Rita Mason: They are tia"s followers in the Book.
  • simone: one of Amal's best friends, she is bullied by Tia for being overweight.
  • leila: is also one of Amal's best friends, she wears the Hijab full time, and her mother id always dissapointment in her because she wants to be a lawyer, and her mother thinks that it is shameful and impossible.