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Robots And Webpage

Robotics Club and Webpage are clubs that are about computers. The robotics club is about making and programing robots. Webpage is about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

David Walker is a member of the robotics club. What did you think robotics is? He answered, “A club about robots.” Why did you join? “I like robots, I also like science and engineering to be specific.” Are you satisfied? Yes, Why? We meet every month, in the hour and a half, we get a lot done.”

Trinity Tackett is a member of the webpage design club. What did you think webpage is? “Like different programing. How to put your programming into your robots. Why did you join? “My dream job is to become an engineer. I’ve always loved building different things like robots. Are you satisfied? Yes, Why? “I am learning a lot more than I used to know.”

Robotics and webpage two good clubs that you may like (If you like computers).

These clubs meet once a month they have a lot of fun and enjoy the awesome clubs