12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!

Day One Winner

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the Day One Challenge-- you all had some amazing tips that I will definitely be sharing with everyone! Having a defined WHY helps to keep your goals and efforts on track- and helps you define your pace! Thank you for sharing your goals! THE WINNER OF THE DAY ONE CHALLENGE IS: ASHLEY BARDASH from Macon, GA!



Yes, you can!! Just one more December trunk show!!

Day 2. Today we will change your December. Let's make some magic happen!

FACT: The Majority of Us ARE NOT done with our shopping!

FACT: Stella & Dot provides the ULTIMATE shopping experience!

FACT: We've NEVER had offers like we have right now! SHARE THE LOVE!


You have 24 hours to book
ONE more December Trunk Show.

Get on the phones and make a few calls.....heck....why not book 2 shows?

For each show you book....you get your name in the drawing for the GIFT!

(To keep you on your toes....I'll announce gift when I announce winner from here on out...)

Here are a few booking ideas:

1. Cookie Exchange & Shopping Event ~

Invite a hostess to hold an amazing event her friends will be thanking her for. Each guest brings 2 dozen cookies and their last minute holiday shopping list and a few things they've been wanting to treat themselves to from "Santa". Guests drop off their cookies in the dining room...and head to the kitchen for some wine and shopping. On their way out....they put together a tray of cookies to take home to their family. They have super cute and cheap trays at Target.....you could buy one for each guest and put a Stella & Dot sticker on it for their take-home.

2. Toy/Food Drive & Last Minute Shopping ~

Invite the hostess too tie in some good will with the trunk show. As guests to bring a toy or some food for a local shelter. If they bring an item they will get free shipping on their order.

3. Donate Your Commissions ~
It may seem like a lot to give...but I promise the good will comes back around. Offer to donate 20% of the entire sales of the trunk show to an organization that is near and dear to your heart. If you know someone who is trying to raise money for their non-profit, consider working together for a fundraising show. This is such a fun time of year to give back!

4. Set up a Road Show~

If you have travel plans for the holidays, pack a tote and set up a show!

5. A Manly Show- Know a man (maybe your husband) who wants to help his friends score big with their wives (or girlfriends. hopefully not both!)... set up a Beers and Bling show and helpo the men get their holiday shipping done!

And remember....Whether you believe you CAN or believe you CAN'T...you're right!!!

SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS TO: katy.b.barnes@gmail.com

Subject of e-mail should read DAY TWO RESULTS and list the efforts you made.

Please enter to win whether you get a show or not- the efforts will be rewarded!!

Share any tips you have on our team page for a bonus entry for the prize!!

Book more than one show? Get a bonus entry for each additional booking!!


Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist