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  • Football season starting at Lake Windsor high school
  • Soccer season starting at Lake Windsor middle school.
  • Watch for Erik Fisher the new star of the Football team.
  • The Fisher family Dad takes over the Civil Engineer program after old boss was fired.
  • New woman takes over Home-Owners association.
  • Paul Fisher, one of the best goal keepers Tangerine has seen, is told he can not play due to insurance policies.
  • Sinkhole strikes at Lake Windsor middle school, no one has been found dead yet.
  • Tragic accident at football field, Mike Costello dies from lightning strike(more on paragraph 3)
  • New neighborhood selling out fast.
  • Mug fires scare new neighbors.

Erik Fisher Compared to Paul Fisher

Erik fisher compared to Paul fisher

Both kids have been found to play sports, they are both really good at the sport they play. But Erik plays football and Paul plays soccer. Also something is wrong with Paul's eyesight while Erik can see fine. Finally Erik is one of the popular kids at his school while Paul is not yet( i think he soon will be). We shall keep you posted on both lives, and you never know maybe they will both be the face of Tangerine sports one day.

Mike Costello, Tragic Death

Paul and his Mom had just gotten back from the super market when a solemn Erik and Arthur told her the bad news. His Mom told him to tell her everything. Mike had been holding the field goal when lighting struck it, the hole left side of his hair was burned off and he was dead before he hit the ground. After the Fisher Dad whipped out his phone and called an ambulance, but as i said it was already to late. His little brother Jack was there and he kept trying to take his brothers shoes, the coach had to wrench him away. It was a tragic death that has all parents freaked out, the parents want practice moved so there isn't as good of a chance of this happening again. We'll keep you posted on where this leads us in the future.
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