the moon diary

by alana and presley


The moon has crators on it. On the moon the actrnots have to put rocks in thir shoes so they do not float in the air. An so they can examine the ground.An this is what it looks like with crators.An this is it with out.But it is not with out you just can not see it .

if there was no moon

If there were no moon then how would we see at night?If there were no moon, days would last for four hours .We  would get hit by astroids more

the tides on the ocean

Tides are caused by gravity,the force of gravity beetween two objects depend on sizez and distances beetween them.Every day the tides have a low tide and a high tide . A low  tides  waves breake from shore.

the big moon

The moon has all diffrent phrases like a first qurter moon,the third quater moon,half  moon .The moon can also can wax an wayn.The moon is the natrual earths sattalite that shines by the suns reflection it revolves around the earth.


The moon both have gravity to hold the moon up and gravity causes tides so they both have somthing including gravity.The moon relates to tides, because it makes more tides (waves)