Merge and Center and Autofill

In Excel

How to use Merger and Center

In Excel you can Merge and center. Select a row or certain cells in a row, then in the Home drop down go to the Alignment section there is a spot that says Merge and Center click on that. Then the row you selected will be merged into on big cell, and your writing will be in the center
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What Is Autofill

Autofill is a feature on Excel that allows you to fill in a pattern automatically for you. You can fill in numbers, dates and formulas. Using numbers, put 1 and 2 in cells next to each other then highlight the two cells. With the highlighted cells click on the green square on the bottom left corner, and drag it down or across and the rest of the numbers will appear.

How to Merge in Google Sheets

How to Merge: Select the cells you want then go to the task bar and click on the merge symbol.
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How to Autofill in Google Sheets

How to Autofill: Autofill is the same as it is in Excel. Fill in the cells with the pattern you want then highlight and drag with the little box in the bottom right hand corner.