The Enlightenment

By Vrinda

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Major ideas of the Enlightenment

  1. Laissez-faire : Meaning to let people do what they want

  1. Best statement of laissez-faire was made in 1776 by Adam Smith. He believed that the state should not interfere in economic matters.

  1. Social Contract; Published in 1762,Rousseau showed his concept of the social contract,

  1. An entire society agrees to be governed by its general will through the social contract.

  1. Rights of women: The strongest statement for rights of women was advanced by the english writer Mary Wollstonecraft. Many people see her as the founder of modern European and American movement for women's right.

Issac Newton

  1. Sir Isaac Newton had a huge impact on the Enlightenment.

  1. He created a calculus (a major brand of mathematics still used today).

  1. Also described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion.

  1. His theory on universal gravitation also helped to prove heliocentrism.

  1. Also the model of Earth and other planets orbiting the sun.

  1. His idea about the universe became one of the Enlightenment ideology.

Art Change during the Enlightenment

The way that art changed during the Enlightenment was it moved towards Neoclassical forms with more renovated ideas. Before arts were just plain large and elegant paintings that had fewer characteristics.

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