Explaining mindsets

Presentation at 8:00

Introduction - What do I mean by mindset? (10 mins)

Some guiding questions to consider

Which do you agree with more?

1. A student's intelligence/talent/work ethic/etc. is something inherent and fixed that can't be changed too much. While a student maybe to able to learn new things, make minor improvements or try a bit harder here or there, it cannot change the base intelligence, talent

2. A student can always change his or her intelligence/talent/work ethic.

If you agreed with number 1 more than number 2, you lean toward the fixed mindset. If you agreed with number 2 more than number 1, you lean toward the growth mindset. Now, no one is perfect and most people lie somewhere in between but this presentation is about changing not only our own mindsets from fixed to growth but ultimately our students' mindset.

I know these last few years have been hard on you all. Cutbacks, low test scores and an overflow of students make your job incredibly difficult. That is why we need to change now more than ever.

taken from pg. 12 of Mindset

Video exercise

Define each mindset and talk through each video with guiding questions.

Fixed mindset: A belief that your qualities are carved in stone (pg. 6)


- What do most of the members think of destroying the ring?

-What are some fixed mindsets you can find among the members of the council?

-How do those mindsets affect the progress of the task at hand?

-What does Frodo do differently?

Growth mindset: You gain your qualities through effort (pg. 7)


-What does failure mean to Mr. Jordan?

-Considering, Mr. Jordan's reputation, do you think failure should define an individual more than success?

Transition into 5 main points...