Wiz Khalifa


Heading To the top

Wiz Khalifa was growing up to be on of the greatest rappers in the world. He had to overcome many people like Lil Wayne and Eminem. In the time Wiz was coming through the charts Lil Wayne was killing. He was Knocking out every #1 record possible. But in a year Wiz came from the bottom all the way to the top and is still there.


  1. Black and Yellow
  1. Work Hard, Play Hard
  2. Young, Wild, And free
  3. Roll Up
  4. Medicated
  5. Let It Go
  6. No Sleep
  7. On My Level
  8. Remember You
  9. Payphone
  10. Up In It
  11. This Plane
  12. Taylor Gang
  13. When I'm Gone
  14. Say Yeah