Fine Arts Fanfare

Seguin ISD Fine Arts: October 2020

The Voices Sing!

Choir students are learning to vocalize, articulate, and communicate musically through a mask. Though this presents various challenges, the choir directors have continued to provide safe and valuable learning experiences daily. Sometimes this means singing outside or adjusting the curriculum. Regardless, students are provided with the tools for success!! We are looking forward to future performances!!

Art is Essential!

Visual arts provide opportunities for students to perceive, respond to, create and communicate through images. The skills learned can allow them to experience and apply throughout their lives the power, ideas, and emotions expressed in visual images. Did you now that Seguin ISD has more then 1,500 students participating in the visual arts!?!

Theatre...More Than Acting!

Fine Arts courses help develop multiple real world soft skills. Theatre classes, for example, help students develop communication, collaboration, and thinking outside the box. Students learn how to apply these skills to real life situations.

Seguin ISD theatre students are digging into the curriculum and plan to present virtual or modified performances this fall. The much anticipated annual fall "Children's Show" presented by the SHS Matador Theatre is planned to be presented in January this year. It will be presented virtually, and be made available to all elementary and middle school campuses.

Cultural Arts Growing in Seguin ISD!

The Seguin ISD Mariachi program is in full swing and has reached record enrollment. Beginning this fall, Ballet Folklórico is being offered as a district sponsored program! Thanks to the vision and support of Dr. Matthew Gutierrez, and the addition of new Ballet Folklórico instructor, Betó Rincón, this program is beginning with elementary level lessons and will continue into secondary campuses. The hope is that there will be a demonstration performance by late spring from this new program! Stay tuned!
Ballet Folklórico

Elementary Arts Ignite Learning!

All elementary students, whether in person or remote, have the opportunity to experience a music education. Elementary fine arts teachers work tirelessly to provide every student on campus with a quality curriculum. Research shows that studying the arts at a young age has many benefits beyond the art itself. These include development of language and reasoning, memorization, emotional development, creative thinking, and a sense of achievement.

BAND(ing) together in person and remotely

Beginning middle school students learn musicianship skills, classroom etiquette skills, and how to play an instrument for the first time. Advanced middle school students work to develop skills, work together as a group, and dig into a balanced curriculum. High school band students further develop into a team, complete a 6 - 12 curriculum in musical training, and work to develop into great citizens. Whether face to face, or remote, the band staff is working diligently to provide quality opportunities for all students to be successful!

Friday Night Lights!!

The Matador Band, Color Guard, and StarSteppers entertain in the new Matador stadium! Due to COVID-19, most marching band contests have been cancelled for this season. However, these programs continue to entertain and support the Matador spirit while building and training for the future!

One Town. One Team.

The Seguin ISD Fine Arts staff represents a team of diverse and talented educators!

Thank you for all that you do for the students!

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