Ninth Grade News

Week of August 31

Hello Daniel Ninth Families,

We are excited to begin a brand new week with our Freshmen! The students have done an amazing job adjusting to the new health and safety standards and they are memorizing their schedules and class locations like champs.

This week we will continue to focus on building our classroom community and continue familiarizing our students with the digital applications we will use this year. In Advisory classes on Monday/Tuesday, students will learn about the purpose of the I-30/Flex period and how to build their daily I-30 schedule. I will share more details with parents next week so you may support your student as they make great I-30/Flex choices this school year.

Thank you for the support and encouragement you have shown our teachers as they are navigating this new teaching model. We are learning new and wonderful things every day and streamlining our processes as we do so. Please encourage your student to reach out to their teachers for assistance if they run into road-blocks or need more information. Emails or messaging through Remind are great ways to stay connected. Thank you for your partnership this school year! We couldn't do this without the support of our wonderful parent group!


Carolyn Ansley, Principal

Schedule for August 31 - September 4

Orange Group - Week at a Glance

Students with the last names A-K

Black Group - Week at a Glance

Students with the last names L-Z

A message from Nurse Barnes

Students were given a blank health form on Wednesday & Thursday of last week and a copy of this form was emailed to our remote learners. Please complete this form this week and send it back to school with your child or email to Nurse Barnes at

If needed, students may pick up another copy of this form from the front office or parents may print another copy of the form linked below.

Reporting Student Absences

Thank you, parents, for doing a great job of communicating student absences with our office staff and for keeping your child home when they are not feeling well.

If your child is sick or will not be at school for any other reason, please call the school at

(817) 441-4504 to report an absence.

Visitors to Campus

Our campus is closed to parents and visitors due to health/safety protocols.

All parents/visitors may contact our main office by phone, (817) 441-4504, or email Ms. Kirsten van Pletsen at to schedule an appointment or communicate with the school

Most meetings will be held virtually through WebEx or Zoom to limit the number of campus visitors. If a meeting must be held in-person, the meeting will be held in the office suite.

Any visitor must have a pre-scheduled appointment and must:

  • Wear a face covering.
  • Complete a health screening questionnaire.
  • Have a temperature check.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others.
  • Sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Adhere to safety protocols set out by the district.

Visitors (including parents) will not be permitted to enter the campus beyond the office suite. Unfortunately, parents will not be permitted to eat lunch on campus, and will not be permitted to deliver lunch for their child at lunchtime.


If a student needs a new copy of their barcode to purchase lunch, or their device will not pair with our scanning system, please have them speak with Mr. Durnil at lunch and he will give them a hard copy of their barcode.

The cafeteria breakfast and lunch menu can be found HERE.

A message from Mrs. Taylor at the Daniel Ninth Library

Library Check-out for Remote and In-Person Learners:

Our library resources and books are accessible for student check-out!

Please see the Digital Check-out Procedures for more information.

If your student still has textbooks or library books from Aledo Middle School, please bring them to school and turn them into the library. LIBRARY BOOKS can be put in the drop box in the hall. TEXTBOOKS should be brought inside to the librarian. We will get them back to the middle school for you. Thank you!

National College Colors Day!

Wear your College team's colors and apparel on September 2 & 3!

National College Colors Day encourages everyone to display their team spirit! Across the United States, students, parents, family, fans, and alumni will be wearing their team colors. Join in the celebration with us!

Post your pictures on social media and tag us at @danielninthgrade



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Daniel Ninth Grade Campus Student Handbook Supplement

Parents and Students can access our Student Handbook Supplement on the "Parents & Students" tab on the Daniel Ninth Website. The dress code can be found beginning on page 13.

Technology Tips and Information for Students & Parents

As we enter our second full week of instruction, our teachers are sharing a few tech tips and best practices to help our students work and communicate most effectively. The following topics are outlined below:

1. Student how-to for accessing AISD Gmail accounts

2. Adding the AISD Gmail to student mobile devices

3. Best practices for communicating with teachers via email

4. Student how-to for accessing the BYOD network when at school

5. Student how-to for adjusting Canvas notifications

6. Best practices for completing assignments in Canvas

7. Setting up a parent "Canvas Observer" account

1. How to access student AISD Gmail Accounts

Please encourage your student to frequently check his or her email account. All students in Aledo ISD have a Google email account. See the information below for student login details:

Go to on your web browser or click on Gmail app in Chrome

Enter Email Address: First and last name followed by


Enter Password: First letter of first name (capitalized) followed by six-digit student ID number (often referred to as "lunch number."


2. How to add Gmail account to mobile device

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3. Best Practices for Communicating with Teachers via email

Email Etiquette:

  • If replying to a message from your teacher, be sure to select "reply" not "reply all"
  • In the subject line, choose a few words that summarize the purpose for your message. (example: "Canvas question" or "grade question" or "assistance with assignment needed")
  • In the body of your email, not the subject line, begin your message with addressing the recipient (example: "Dear Ms. Taylor" or "Ms. Taylor")
  • Press enter to begin a new line after addressing the recipient and type a detailed message communicating your issues or needs.
  • Sign the message with your first and last name and the class period that you are assigned. If you are an all-remote student, please indicate "remote learner" or "00" period.
  • Send a screenshot of the issue you are encountering if possible.

As our teachers are receiving a large volume of emails, it helps them respond much more quickly when students communicate more than “this doesn’t work” or “I don’t know what to do”, etc.

The more specific you can be in your request, the explanation of the error message, or the part of the directions you are confused about the better able we are to respond in a helpful manner. When students can include a screenshot of the problem, it can save many steps in problem-solving the issue and streamlining communication.

Sample Student Email

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4. Student "How To" for accessing the BYOD wireless internet network while at school

Students will click on "AISD-BYOD" when on campus and their device will automatically connect.

5. Student "How To" for adjusting Canvas notifications

Students can follow this link (Adjusting Canvas Notifications) to learn how to adjust the automated Canvas notifications. Students have shared that they are receiving an overwhelming number of notifications from Canvas. Managing notifications will ensure students are only seeing the notifications important to them.

6. Best practices for navigating Canvas

Some students’ Canvas is set to default to the to-do list. This list takes them straight to an assignment but will skip over the lesson that should come before it. When students focus on working through each module, they won't miss important information such as video explanations, lesson notes, or other supplemental activities.

Please make sure the Canvas Dashboard is in "Card View" as it will allow students to view their courses in a more cohesive format.

Click here for a 2-minute video overview (Canvas Best Practices) for accessing the Canvas Modules (not just the to-do list) and an overview of the grading function in Canvas.

*Thanks to Mrs. Woodson for the video overview!

7. Setting up a parent "Canvas Observer" account

Parents can set up a Canvas Observer account for each of their Aledo ISD students.

See the tutorial video HERE.

How to Request a District Device

Your child will need access to a laptop or Chromebook in order to complete assignments in Canvas both at home and school. Please visit the following link if you would like to learn more about checking out a Chromebook from the Aledo ISD Technology Department:

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School Supply List for Core Classes

Elective supply lists will be distributed to students on the first day of school.

Aledo ISD COVID-19 Dashboard

Aledo ISD is tracking COVID-19 cases within our school Community. To do this we need your help – if your child ever tests positive for COVID-19 or shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or has close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please click this link to complete our AISD COVID Reporting form. Our data will only be as accurate as what is reported to us. Please help us keep our entire community healthy and safe by providing this information as soon as it becomes known to you. To view the Aledo ISD COVID Dashboard, please click here.