Amber Snead, Period 5, Ms. Kibbey

Environmental Study Project


Some ways the weather can affect our lives is that if you're a sporty person or outdoorsman then it would be hard to go outside often. I say this because we often have rain storms and tropical storms so most of the time if you look outside the ground is mostly wet the majority of the time. Some good features about our weather is that most of the time theres beautiful weather, which is good to play outside or go to the pool. Some bad features about our weather is that there's more rain than sun, so like when you want to go to the pool that day is mostly going to be rain so you won't barely get to do anything with the rain. Also if you look on the news they mostly say “We would be having some tropical storms today/tomorrow or today there will be a slight chance of rain, also today will be 50/60 degrees which a 50% of rain. So if you love going outside Florida won't be your type, but theres always rain.

Natural Disaster

Some ways residents could prepare for future natural disasters is that they could pack can goods and water. Also, just in case the lighting cuts the power pack some flashlights etc. Some Natural disaster that has happened in the past 10 years is Hurricane Frances which happened in 2004. Then later on in the year in 2004 another hurricane happened which was called Hurricane Jeanne, which push across florida, which 6 people died from this hurricane. Then a year later on October 24, 2005, a hurricane called Hurricane Wilma, which happened in South Florida, Leaving the whole area damaged. Some natural disasters we have/could experience is Tornadoes, Tropical Storms (which we've’ve been experiencing a lot), Floods, Hurricanes, Droughts, Thunderstorms, and random Wildfires.


Orlando was founded in 1840. While Florida was founded in 1513. The population of Florida is estimated to be about 19,317,568 people. Specifly in Orlando there is 249,562 residents living here. Which is considered the 4th largest population of people in the United States. The person who discovered Orlando Florida was Ponce De Leon. The traditional story about how the name Orlando came to be centers around the tale of a Seminole-fighting U.S. soldier named Orlando Reeves, he supposedly killed near Sandy Beach Lake which is now called Lake Eola.


There are many things that make up my community. The housings in my neighborhood are usually one or two story houses. Some of the houses are usually bright colors and some houses and kinda dark colors for example: yellow, grey, green, and peach. Some popular pastimes that some of the people in my neighborhood watch is football and basketball. A few of the sports teams they like is Miami heat and the New York Giants.


Some animals we have in Florida is ducks, alligators, deers, frogs, lizards, Birds, insects such as butterflies, beetles, dragon flies, bees etc. Also panthers (which is our state mammal). One animal i find interesting is the snake. But this animal may harm our environment by biting people but it help us because if we have mouses the snakes can eat it. But some other animals I've seen in my community is rabbits, and turkeys, and ducks. Then i also see raccoon, and eagles.


This is my map, this map has all the places i like to hang out at the most. For instance it has my house, my school, fashion square mall and the waterford mall. These places i use and still go to today. Like i went to the fashion square mall like a week ago. Then i have all the places i go to pined on the map.

Culture !

The cultures in my community are the following: Koreans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Hatians, Americans, Chinese, Lebanese Italians and many more. I am mixed so I share a few cultures. Three cultures I will share will share are Lebanese, Italian, and Puerto Rican. My mother is half Lebanese and my dad is Puerto Rican and Italian. Some ways these cultures interact are because it brings different people closer to each other, and the people can learn from each other.

Overall Reflection

Something i learned from this whole project was that my community is not that much different from me. We may have different cultures but that is what brings the community together. Most of all i learned that in Florida there's a lot of different weather that can affect our lives. Also, that the history of Orlando, Florida came along way. I dislike that the weather is mostly raining so i can't barely get outside when it's raining. But i like when it's sunny because I get to go to the park, pool, beach etc.