Everything You Need To Know

Pete's Salsa

Farmers Market

Freight House Farmers Market

  • $225 for season pass (6 months)
  • $25/day
  • 15x8 parking spot from 8 AM-5 PM

MVGA Farmers Market

  • $150 for a season pass
  • Open Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • 8 AM-12 PM


  • $40 registration fee (Farmers Market)
  • Food must be labeled with name of food, name and address of person who prepared the food

-nutrition facts


  • May need state and/or local business license
  • Food must be lab tested for shelf life


  • bright colors
  • music
  • cool signs
  • cool logo
  • eye catching graphics

The Next Step

Grocery/Convenience Stores

  • Go through FDA and labeling
  • Plan a profit
  • Look for a store (Hyvee, Schnucks, Whole Foods)
  • Determine who should pitch the product
  • Application process (may vary)
  • Make contact with a buyer or category manager (Someone who handles the product)
  • Presentation of your product
  • Prepare more of your item