Zitzman Elementary 411

GAME ON!! Week of November 6th

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: B Day. Mrs. Flexsenhar absent (Conference). Tiny Guitar Club 7:45am. Professional Learning Action Team Mtg 3:45pm.

Tuesday: C Day. Mrs. Flexsenhar absent (Conference). PLC's. Good News Club 3:40pm. Girls on the Run 3:50pm. MMD Mtg @ ZE Library 4:00pm. Family Learning Action Team 4:00pm.

Wednesday: No Letter Day. Early Dismissal 1:10pm. Mrs. Armstrong absent.Dr. Sladek in the HOUUUSEEE! Leadership Rally & Teams/Tribe 9:00am. Game ON! shirts.

Thursday: D Day. Mrs. Armstrong absent.Dr. Sladek in the HOUUUSEEE! ZE Staff Mtg. 7:30am. Fundraiser Delivery 3:15pm. Girls on the Run 3:50pm.

Friday: A Day. Mrs. Armstrong absent. Dr. Sladek in the HOUUUSEEE! K-5 Evaluate Make Up Day. ZE Perfect Attendance Class Celebration 2:20-2:50pm

Scholastic Book Fair 11/9-11/16

Curriculum & Instruction


Great PLC work toward servicing our students with true and appropriate interventions. Check out the attached article; What You Need To Know


PLC Meeting Focus

Leader in Me Coaching Session

  • Why it's important to display and discuss classroom WIGS
  • Commit to school academic WIG.

  • Differentiate between student proficiency and student growth.

  • Embrace the “why” behind connecting school & student goals.

  • Understand how to engage students with 4DX.

  • Identify Student Leadership Notebook™ resources.

MAP Assessment Update

DESE is staying with the old cut scores. Same MAP test scores as last year. Reminder….we can NOT compare the 2018 MAP scores with 2017 because the 2018 MAP test was a new test. See the attached link for specific details published by DESE.

Elementary student reports will be put in a sealed envelope sent home Thursday Folders with a letter from the superintendent of curriculum.


Classroom Instruction

Avoid personal/scheduled sick days due to a high volume of PD activities.

    1. Nov. 14, 27 & 29

    2. Dec. 4 & 11

    3. Jan. 8, 28, 29

Leader in Me

Leadership Rally Agenda:

  • Leader of the Month- Dr. Sladek
  • Minute to Win It (Dr. Sladek)- Teachers vs. Students
  • Inspirational Video (Mrs. Short)
  • Exit to Leadership Teams & Tribes

Entering the Rally......

Fifth grade will use the student pick-up door by the stage.

Third and fourth grade will enter using the cafeteria recess door.

Kdg. through second grade will enter using both cafe doors.

***Students will sit with their Leadership Tribe and Leadership Team. The office will announce the dismissal for students to return to their home room.


If you reached out to parents, via dojo or however, and have a parent willing or interested in helping wash a class set of Game On shirts please sign them up in the link below.


*We will be looking at who still has a blank space and helping to get that filled ASAP.


  • How are you growing your leadership mindset and skill set in intentional ways right now?
  • How are the 7 Habits® helping you get better in areas that matter most to you?

Just like dogs smell fear, kids smell fake. If they don’t see us walking our talk, they won’t do it either. Inspire students! Model the 7 Habits every day.

“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

3 Simple Tips for Modeling the 7 Habits. Try one or try them all!

  1. Download the Living the 7 Habits app and enter the code “habits89” in the settings. This code provides access to some awesome tools like Daily Boosters, a one-hour 7 Habits Audiobook, the Big Rocks tool, and the 7 X 7 Contract that can inspire us and offer ideas for how to model the habits for our students.
  2. Play a self-reflection game and share your answers with your students.
  3. Post your personal mission statement and share stories with students about how you feel you’re living it daily. Then, connect the importance of living our personal mission statements with how our class lives and holds each other accountable to living our class mission statement.

We all know the power of modeling. We also know that we can never turn it off. And sometimes in the busyness of our lives we fall behind on our best intentions to get better ourselves. Leader in Me® is all about this very thing. To teach leadership to others effectively, we need to live and model the 7 Habits every day.


Download the 7 Habits Profile and take a minute to assess how you are living the 7 Habits. Where will you focus your attention?

Home & School Connections

Operation Feed Our Families

For the past 11 years, New Beginning Lutheran Church has donated 150+ turkeys to our students. That's 1,650+ turkeys over the years!! In conjunction with the turkeys, district counselors have orchestrated food drives to create Thanksgiving baskets to our families. The best part of this blessing is the opportunity to personally bestow the gifts to our students' homes. We will deliver the meals afterschool on Tuesday, November 20th. Staff participating in the deliveries should wear a purple spirit shirt-----spread the Indian Pride love to our families.

Zitzman food drive is scheduled for the week of Nov. 12th. Start talking up the food drive with your students now. The top 2 classes will earn lunch with a secret guest.