Denison Staff News

Term 3, Week 2

Dearest Denison Staff,

I trust that you've had an enjoyable first week back at Denison State School. I am very much looking forward to this week but I am especially looking forward to Sunday as it will be my first Sunday Funday. I have a feeling that I will be spending much of it behind bars.

This week we continue to work on bell timing. Programming the bells is quite difficult using the manual. Please bear with the change. At the conclusion of this week's staff meeting I will discuss some imperatives of the changes and some timelines.

Please remember our procedures for absence, leave and professional development. Late notice absences need to be communicated to either Julie or Amanda depending on your role in the school. Planned leave needs to put before an Admin meeting with the appropriate documentation. Application for PD requires a purple form and tabling at an Admin meeting.

This term I am making a real effort to get into classrooms during the week. I have 'Malachied' my weekly timetable so that I have time on Wednesdays and Fridays to visit classrooms. If you would like feedback during my visits I am happy to give some.

Have a great week!

On the radar...

Monday 18th July - G:Drive Planning Review

Tuesday 19th July - Staff Meeting

Wednesday 20th July - TA Meeting - Numeracy Capability Team Meeting

Friday 22nd July - BMA Read Project Review @ ENSS - Troy, Amanda, Trish Out - Maree Acting

Sunday 24th July 2016 - Sunday Funday

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