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Week of September 28th

2020 National Blue Ribbon School!

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I am so proud of our school community!! Our school was named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education. Nearly 370 schools earned the recognition nationally, including 36 in California and 5 in San Diego. Silver Gate is one of the five schools in San Diego.

The honor “affirms the hard work of educators, families and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content,” according to the U.S. Department of Education, which presents the honors.

This is an amazing recognition of all the hard work that our staff and students have put forth. This isn’t an overnight or even 1 year process to recognition. It’s years of hard work and dedication by or staff, students and parent community. Our staff is “one of a kind” awesome. Our kids are some of the best and most resilient around. Without all of us, teachers, parents and students working together we would not have had this honor.

Doug Fisher

Last week, Dr. Douglas Fisher, a professor of education at San Diego State University, spoke at our Professional Development, and he was incredible! He recently authored a book about online learning for educators, and he has new book for parents that will be out soon. The following are some of his recommendations for parents:

  • Establish a morning routine - have breakfast, and get your children dressed and ready for school, as it sends a powerful message to them about learning
  • If possible, have your children learn outside of the bedroom - have a small dedicated space that children associate with learning, as the environment helps to determine behavior
  • Have your children get enough sleep - brain needs time to rest and connect; in elementary school, the difference between going to sleep at 8pm or 9pm is huge
  • Ensure your children have the opportunity to engage in their asynchronous learning activities, as "practice makes permanent" and is the place where learning sticks
  • Ask your child to teach you what they're learning - consider implementing "teach back Tuesdays". Ask your child to present one thing they learned.

Other Online Learning Tips!

  • Please don't organize your child's school materials for them, but help them set up an area where THEY can keep their things organized. THEY should be able to get their whiteboard, marker, learning log, etc. for our Zoom meeting on their own. Maybe a basket or a bin in or near their learning space so they can always know where their things go.

  • Your child may need help logging in to Zoom, but once they are in teachers request that you step away and give them space to participate in Zoom independently. Teachers will not ask them to do anything they can't do on their own or with their support.

  • When a parent sits with their child during the Zoom meeting your child is less likely to try to do things on their own. They are afraid of making mistakes in front of you. However, they make mistakes at school all the time - that's how they learn! They are students who spend the Zoom meeting looking to their parents for answers or validation. Teachers are there to guide them and help them so you don't need to.

  • However, having an adult within earshot for tech support is just fine. Technology can be tricky and having an adult nearby to help with technology is different than helping with learning.

  • Another reason we need parents to take a "back seat" during learning is because teachers need to know what your child can do on their own. If their learning is always parent-guided then teachers have a false sense of what they are really understanding. When we return to the classroom they won't have you by their side and it could be a very stressful transition if they feel they can't succeed on their own.
Important - Mandatory Forms 2020-2021

Each fall we have many forms which parents are required to fill out and sign. This year we will accomplish most of this online. If you have not yet done so, please fill these out right away. Thank you!

PL Cluster Foundations Needs a Few Volunteers!

Do you want to be involved and informed? Please join us monthly for a meeting as our parent representative. Each school in the Point Loma Cluster needs 2 parents who are willing to help disseminate information from these monthly meeting. Interested?


Silver Gate SSC/SGT Parent Nominations

Silver Gate Elementary is looking for four parent representatives who are willing to support the shared decision making process to improve student achievement through quality teaching and learning experiences.

Fall - Week 2 - Cucumbers

Birthday Fundraiser!

Celebrate your child’s special day with a Birthday Shout-Out at school! Make your child a star for the day with their first name and a “Happy Birthday” displayed on the School Marquee on Catalina Blvd. All proceeds help fund the enrichment programs FSG supports at Silver Gate. Send in your request and Venmo at least 2 weeks prior to your child’s birthday.

Venmo $25 to @SilverGateFSG and include in the notes:

  • Student First & Last name

  • Birthdate

Useful Resources

I'M Glad You're Here!

I always kick off the year by showing this video to the students to let them know I'm Glad they are at Silver Gate. At the end of every Monday Morning Assembly, I ask everyone to turn to their neighbor and say " I 'm Glad You're Here!
Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here