Homer-Center Elementary Update

January 21, 2021

Positive Cases, MLK Celebration, Report Cards...

Two Positive Cases

Dear HC Families,

Yesterday we received information that one we had two positive cases among our students. One student tested positive and the other is what is termed a probable positive based on symptoms and other criteria. Younger students are sometimes for various reasons and as the quarantine period is required regardless due to the situation.

Last evening we completed calls to families of children who needed to quarantine and at this time all families have been contacted and arrangements have been made. Our educators are working tirelessly to shift modalities and offer education to all of our students. We are continually switching modalities from in-the-building instruction to online instruction. Thank you to our educators and the staff who keep this building running. We also want to thank our bus company and their quick responses to our needs. In addition, our food service department have been serving countless meals during breakfast and lunch. Our students are getting the nutrition and fuel they need to learn. And as always, our maintenance and custodial staff work around the clock cleaning and disinfecting the building but we need help. If you know of anyone who can fill a 4-hour shift please reach out. We desperately need some assistance and I need your help to find a person or two willing to work at a great place!

And finally, thank you to our families for your understanding, patience, and kindness as we progress through the pandemic. We are hitting the second wave and we know times will be challenging for a bit longer while we await vaccination roll-outs. Please know that we are closely following the news on vaccines and that we will provide information and access to vaccinations as soon as possible. We are scheduled as part of 1B in the roll-out and eagerly await this time so we can protect not just our students but our faculty and staff so we can continue to operate. Please continue to practice safe protocols and know that we do have extra masks and face shields that we will gladly provide to the students.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs. Rougeaux

Please reach out to us and update any phone number changes and provide the best emergency contact number. This information allows us to quickly contact you in the event of an emergency or COVID-related case.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Performance by 5th Grade

The students in Mrs. Daniels' 5th grade music class learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in time to celebrate on January 18th. After reading the book, "Martin Luther King Jr.: A Man with a Dream" by Kim Mitzo Thompson, students chose 4 of their favorite facts to share with the class. Then, we learned the song "Martin Luther King" (to the tune of "The Water is Wide" arranged by Cristi Cary Miller) and added xylophones! Let us celebrate the life work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and continue his dream through our actions and words everyday.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay


P2G+ at HC Elementary - A mentoring program for academics and well-being.

Over twenty faculty and staff members at Homer-Center Elementary School are participating in evidence and research-based training to provide a mentoring and tutoring program at Homer-Center Elementary School called P2G+ which stands for Pathways to Graduation. This training includes the programs of Check and Connect and SIMS. These interventions will be used in addition to our established "ROAR" programming for School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support System. Students in grades three through six are eligible for this programming. The P2G+ Core team will use pre-determined criteria and evidence for the selection of students.

We are partnering with PaTTAN in Pittsburgh and ARIN IU28 in Indiana, Pennsylvania to provide this support system for many of our students. This support is designed to assist students with academics, social-emotional needs, behavioral challenges, and general well-being. If you receive a letter or call from our faculty please join us as we work to support all of our students.

In addition, we are working on creating a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) for our students that supports them academically and in the social-emotional realm. This model provides for continuous growth and interventions so that ALL of our students are moving forward.

Look for more as we plan for 2021-2022.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay