High School English-Lit

December 3, 2015 Class 15

For Students:

I FORGOT to......Follow Up Homework from Refugee Crisis Discussion

In the previous newsletter I asked you to take some time to open your Bibles and see what God says about governments, as well as followers of Christ. Wide open, but see what you come up with.

I forgot to go over this in class this past week. It will be first on the agenda next week!! Most of you had done the research although a couple had not. This gives all of you a chance to be ready to participate.

Quick Recap of Classroom Practice for HW Paragraph

Andrew (and anyone else needing a refresher)- since you were absent I'm including this abbreviated quick summary of the mini lecture we had in class. We discussed and practiced connecting character development to setting in The Necklace.

Also, do note...my French stinks!! Here is the REAL pronunciation of Rue de Martyrs


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High School English-Lit Class

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